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AP Reports Ron Paul Wins Maine!

This story should go national tomorrow.

It should garner more attention, contributions and interest in Dr. Paul's campaign.

Here is tha AP story in USA Today online Sunday eve (5/6/12)


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It is interesting to note the

It is interesting to note the language used in the article. Ron Paul supporters "took control" rather than Ron Paul supporters "won". The more I witness the shenanigans used by Romney's campaigners... the more I realize how out of touch American voters are if Ron Paul is Not elected GOP nominee pursuant to being elected the only possibility for hope and change as President.

The media is the propaganda outlet of the counterfeiters

And the AP is like the central bank of US media.

Every word is twisted. They publish every article with an agenda, rather than to report the facts or news. This article was probably published with an intent to harm Romney and help Obama, while not quite giving Ron Paul the credit and respect he deserves.

Great News but....

please do not underestimate the power of the dark side! Remember the media does not awaken and suddenly change... News coverage is a sign we basically forced them to cover our man or they would lose creditability faster than they already are. If that makes sense.. imma go back to sleep

The story line that will

The story line that will continue through the RNC convention is to insert something to the words of "With Mitt Romney's GOP presidential nomination all but decided,..." before any potentially positive news about Paul.

Screw Romney... he is a preppy dick.


Why do they keep saying we

Why do they keep saying we screwed things up--phenomenally screwed things up..?? I saw nothing we did..

Google Ron Paul and news and

Google Ron Paul and news and you will see this article on many major news websites. Keep the momentum going. Time for major sign waves, phoning, etc.

Paulites Stunned - Busted for Voter Fraud and Lost

Control all in the same day. Paul sweeps delegates in Maine and Nevada (I know, Webster the duck is a delegate and 2 others. Paul people will set the 2014 rules as well! Good Job, Patriots!

I'm not sure which part surprises me more..

the fact that we are winning or the fact it's being REPORTED that we are winning!

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

I'm not surprised we're

I'm not surprised we're winning XD, but yeah, I sure as hell am surprised they're reporting it. Maybe this is what Wead and Stossel meant by "Ron Paul will really catch on in the next week".


Guess I didn't realize we'd be DOMINATING as opposed to "just" winning.

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

We'll see

I don't really see anything being reported nationally. Nothing on TV, and nothing in the papers, and nothing on Google News:


Incredibly, the US 'news' seems to be focusing on elections in Iran, Serbia, France, and Greece! Not the US.

And the AP is still currently reporting to all mainstream media that the delegates for Maine are 12 for Romney, 10 for Paul:


Yes please!! May I have another?