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I need some Ron Paul supporter advice!

Hello all! I am in my early 20s and I am an avid Ron Paul supporter. However I find myself in a predicament as of now. I am trying to choose a career to pursue and when it comes down to it I'm just not that interested in much. However I love my country dearly and the freedom we are blessed with even more! So I began to think about the military! It seems like a perfect fit. I fully support our troops but not the wars by any means as many Dr. Paul supporters so that deters me from traditional service. So I then turn to another branch of our military, the United States Coast Guard (something I've always thought about doing through high school). They are the defenders of the homeland. But they are related to homeland security! So I'm sure you all can see that this issue wouldn't be very satisfactory. So I ask you, my brothers and sisters in liberty, for your opinions or any input. Anything would be helpful, especially coming from fellow supporters.

Thanks for looking,

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Follow your heart

I know it's cliche, but the first thing you should do is spend a lot of quiet time thinking about what makes you excited...what you do voluntarily. In the long-run, you will be most successful at what makes you excited to talk to others about.

If liberty excites you, politics, the military, computer programming, economics, and law are all areas where we need good liberty-minded people in the future.

Thank you

All for your replies. Gave me some good point of views on some possible options and/or ways to think about this.

Join the Coast Guard

and try to move up the ranks and influence others while there. Change it from "within" as much as you can. Dr. Paul is doing the same with the Republican Party. As for the military attacking American civilians, there are going to be quite a few soldiers that will REFUSE to follow that order. You can also try joining local law enforcement as well, and as I said before, change/recruit like-minded individuals that will stand with America instead of the government.

The Big B


Wa. has weathered the storm pretty well to be honest, and there's a lot of damand for airplanes. I see new people coming in all the time. I think they are hiring in Charlston, SC too. I won't lie. It's a challenge at times, but overall they have been a good employer and paid me well. Been here almost 5yrs. You already bring to the table the one thing Boeing could use more of...

Ron Paul supporters!


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Do not...

...go into any military unless you want to go to war against your own people. That is what they are training for. To go to war against the American people.

If you love to kill Americans and want to go to war, join up.

The best thing you could get into now is organic food production. It takes work, but it is well worth it and if you can produce food in the near future, you will be the hit in your neighborhood.

There are many possibilities in the methodology of food production. This will be the most important business in the not to far off future.

Please, stay out of the military at all costs.


I've heard this before. Do

I've heard this before. Do you think it is really true? I Am worried that if I do get in it will happen but if I don't it won't happen. so it is a chance either way I guess.

either way people will need good food


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You may feel pressured to make a decision

soon, but from my perspective you are very young and need not be in so big a hurry when you clearly are unsure of the choice. When uncertain, I'd recommend more thought and more education. You don't have to go for higher ed. college classes; so much is available on line now, and easy to access on your own schedule as you get more life experience, perhaps as an apprentice or volunteer in exchange for learning skills and getting experience, or even a small business of your own. You'd be learning a lot about working and about yourself.

If you are focused on the military, please ask your question in a more focused forum of very experienced and ethical, courageous, thinking people such as Oathkeepers or Iraq Veterans for Peace. I believe they could guide you among the many potential pitfalls of being indentured to the military.

palm reading

can be profitable,
I would do it but I'm unable to spell

Multi Task

You sound like you get very bored very easy...So why settle on one job?
Try getting a part time job that would allow you time to look for other ways to make money.
Have you thought about getting a Whole Sale License..and buying up a lot of that AS SEEN ON TV crap?...For every 19.95 it cost on tv..some store will have it for 12.99..you could sell it for 10.00..make a profit..People are always looking for deals..and most times if you pay cash for the lot..the dealer you'd buy from wont put it on the books..(in case any troll is running around reading this..I dont sell anything..Im a housewife..just passing on what I heard)
Anyway..get a booth at a trade day each weekend..and start selling. If you do good..you'll be able to hire a few people to help you out..and that would help them out.
Grab a camera..take pictures of interesting things..frame them..sell them..(that goes great down here where I am)
But anyway..that was just an example..something to keep your mind from getting bored and your body busy..and the cash coming in.
Good luck on whatever you do.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

Welcome to the Daily Paul, DTOM52!

You are among friends.

Any branch of service is a

Any branch of service is a great choice. I'm an Army veteran of 10 years. I did 4 active and 6 years National Guard. What you should think about is what job you might be interested in doing. Chances are there would be something close to what you might like. Talk to all the recruiters first. Good luck.

Do what is best for

Do what is best for you!

Better you in a position of power than one who is not aware of the great responsibility that a position like that entails.

I long ago came to the

I long ago came to the conclusion that any job gets old pretty fast...even if you love it at first....but its just a job, you will hate it eventually...but thats ok too because its a job...you work it make money...therefore you might as well work the one that pays most...even if you cant stand it...jst dont be afraid to walk away and move on to another job...and make sure every job you take pays progressively more. In short...its a job...you will hate it, but suck it up and do it anyway.

I had a job working at a

I had a job working at a video game store it was great and never got sick of it

What an honorable career

What an honorable career choice. Good Luck with which ever branch you choose, they are both very rewarding!!

We need more people like you

We need more people like you in the military/coast guard: true patriots who will defend the constitution and not turn on the American people.

So join if that's what you truly want to do.

So DTOM, you are here less than 45 minutes at the

time I am replying... You join a political forum full of strangers, call us your brothers and sisters and ask for serious life advice such as this? Nah, I'm not buying it.

I am flipping back and forth between A) you are 40 and living in your mother's basement (common in this economy, but she still does your laundry and cooking) and B) you are actually doing temp work trolling opposing political candidate's supporter's forums... and C) You really are 20 something, trying to pursue a career and not interested in much, and joined this forum for military career advice.

Um, yeh I am pretty sure it is B and you want someone to pipe in with an anti-military service remark that you can use 'elsewhere' to prove a point that does not exist. We are not stupid and we are not anti military service. Go Fish.

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Yep, when the RP campaign has a surge of activity

I always see posts from "young people seeking advice" here but they'd only just signed up and thought it kinda strange. Also, threads from Americans Elect always begin to pop up.


Come on! Even if he is a rival why would you stoop down to their level? Did you ever think that he joined to get help for this specific question? I joined because I had a specific question so I wouldn't look down on anyone in the same situation. Also if I had just joined and saw your rude response I probably wouldn't have wanted to stay on the site.

In reply to Lida Ricky, yes I

In reply to Lida Ricky, yes I have not been a member long. Did you even bother to think for a minute that I am a true Ron Paul supporter who joined this forum just asking advice from people who have the same mindset? If I were to ask anyone from my hometown they wouldn't give it a second thought or put a thought into the decisin using Dr. Paul's ideas. They would say go for it. Excuse me or wanting to live what I preach. I have always wondered why some people always talk down some Ron Paul supporters. I had never met a rude one ever until I came into contact with you. You are a prime example of why some people don't like us. Just rude and judging because I am in fact a 20 year old working full time and taking college, courses splitting the cost with my small house with 2 roommates to make ends meet. I don't sit on my ass all day and troll posts. I call these people brothers and sisters in liberty because, in this cause we are fighting for, it will take all of us to work together for the family of liberty! Once again I come here to ask other Paul supporters for advice on the issue, because my hometown people wouldn't give it as deep of thought as most here would. They have already told me to do it without any thought. I fully understand that Paul is not anti military because I am a Paul campaigner myself. I would not support Paul if he was anti military (or defense as he puts it). Just looking for honest advice from people with a similar mindset a myself. Thank you to all that have replied in a constructive manner.

Yes I considered that for a minute. It was choice C in my post

My BS monitor is set to 'high' right now; no apology for my thoughts - they were pretty surface level. But - if you want an opinion based on the (IMO wildly unlikely, but possible) assumption that choice C from my post is the real deal...

I think you should think long and hard about a military career of any kind because now that I know you a millimeter's pinch further (by your reply) I think you are much too sensitive for military. If a stranger on a political forum's reply to your question bothered you that much, I hate to think what boot camp would do to you.

Drill sergeants are much more rude than I am.

Best of luck to you in whatever you decide. Ron Paul tells people they should do whatever it is that they want to do. I would only echo that sentiment. I would not even tell my son what he should do when he came to me for advice on military service. He served 8 years by the way, and I am very proud of him. More than that, I am happy he came home in one piece; many of his friends did not.

My "rudeness" - well you take it how you choose to. I think it is rude to yourself (and in an abstract way, our soldiers) to put such little weight in a decision like that, that you ask strangers what you should do. Whatever - people do what they do for their own reasons, including joining a political forum to ask strangers their advice on a decision that will mark their very course.

See, not only do we not know you - you do not know the people who will reply to you. I am an old lady and I will share something with you that I learned a long time ago. Be careful who you seek advice from.

Well I wasn't expecting that

Well I wasn't expecting that response from a fellow supporter. As from my little outburst it may seem that i would not make it, but i was raised in a very military style life. I respect authority and my morals. I have had plenty of people in my face screaming and have faced very strenuous fitness while being yelled at. However my apologies if my reply came across as offensive. I will not make life altering decisions from replies from strangers. I am not stupid. The simple fact is, I just wanted a little insight from people of the same mindset. See where I live most everyone is straight establishment, so of course their answer would be yes. I am just looking for alternative opinions, especially due to the branch I am strongly considering is operated under homeland security, the coast guard.

no apology was necessary.

I did not take offence to your reply.

Best of luck to you. It's hard making decisions that affect everything, from that day on. Take your time and be aware that some recruiters lie, some times. Make your decisions based on more than what they tell you. Maybe start with a list of pros and cons and 'things I need more information about'.

I don't think you're a troll...

If you live your life led by the Lord, then pray and seek where He wants you to be.

It's a difficult decision, our daughter (also 20) is going through the same, seeking her path. She is in college and getting a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing but isn't quite sure that's her calling...so our advice was to stay in the program - nursing courses start next year (Junior year), test the waters and see if she likes the discipline.(She's doing great but is more interested in the life sciences - research perhaps?). First and foremost though, she wants to know where the Lord wants her.

I share that to tell you you are not alone - if you like the military just know you have to obey, even when you disagree. You can make a difference any where you are placed. Pray.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

I'm in the same boat.

Although maybe not fully agreeing with you on the "fully support the troops" part I do find myself in the same predicament. I'll be graduating next year and am still deciding on what to do with my life. I'd like to attend college but I would also like to do my duty to my country as well.

I looked at the different branches but honestly I feel that I could be easily shipped off somewhere to do things I do not think are right. The thing I have found most favorable is the Air National Guard. The reserves are supposed to be exactly that, reserves for the regular branches.

The guard (although still working at a federal level) works more on the state level addressing the governor of that state. I don't know the magical formula of when the gov't deploys guard units vs. reserves but I have a feeling it is probably less often. I would love to be able to help out people in my state with the guard while still being able to help at the federal level if need be.

Not saying this is what you should do but might want to check it out and research it a little. Never know.

I actually have looked into

I actually have looked into the reserves! I just have come to the conclusion of being active and getting training in a particular field would be the best route for myself unless I find a good civilian job first. As for supporting the troops fully, I will always support our troops unless they fire on Americans. I do not support the missions and yeah there's bad apples over there not representing us as we would hope, but for every bad apple on the tree there is a heck of a lot more good apples representing us well.

Seek a mentor

Don't just go to recruiting stations, but ask to speak to an officer about a career, or a tour, and do not be afraid to say what your dream job is. I wouldn't "just" join the military. There are thousands of career military, who spend decades climbing rank.. is there an ROTC program near you? Can you get into a military school (too late for prep) And if you join a branch of the military, be real.. unless you're drafted as a Navy Quarterback for the Navy football team, join the Navy(for example)to learn skills that keeps the Navy number one in the world, get on a destroyer, or join the Air Force and learn to fly a UFO.. GO FOR IT, BIG TIME..

Your hard part is not KNOWING what you want. There is a book by Julia Cameron, costs $13, "The Artists Way".. if you do what she says, YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL. That's how I found out I didn't want to be as successful as I thought I wanted to be.

Have fun doing this.. make this fun.. Artists Way can show you how to do that. GOOD LUCK and welcome to Daily Paul.. maybe you will buy a tee shirt like mine.. I love it, buy it through Amazon and Mike gets a little money to improve this site. THANK YOU!