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Need clarification on Tampa convention

I've scoured around, but maybe not hard enough.

When we go to Tampa, I am confused how the balloting works.

What happens if Romney wins round 1?
If he wins round 1, what haapens in round 2?

If Romney loses round 1, is there still a round 2?


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"If Romney loses round 1, is there still a round 2?"

You meant, "If Ron Paul wins round 1, is there still a round 2?"

It's getting to be a pet peeve of mine these days - I can't help but notice a lot of MSM articles saying "if Romney loses" instead of saying "if Ron Paul wins."

Anyway, good question.

If Romney wins round 1, Obama sends out inaugural invitations

and it will be much harder to get Ron Paul elected.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Ron Paul 2012 - GOP or otherwise.

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Right on.


If he wins round 1 no round 2 :/

If he loses round 1, then there will be a round 2

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