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Providing Financial Assistance For Delegates?

I've been so excited the past few weeks watching all of the patriots winning delegate slots and likely ensuring a significant number of Ron Paul supporters will be seated in Tampa come August.

So I'd like to ask about financial assistance for delegates. It won't be cheap to go and I'm sure that some may end up not going due to financial difficulties -- which could mean that a Romney/Santorum/Gingrich alternate may end up taking their spot.

Is there a way for "the rest of us" to provide donations/funding/assistance to ensure that those elected as delegates can actually afford to make the trip?

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The whole point of Paulfest is to help finance transportation and lodging for our delegates to get to Tampa.


If you are a delegate or alternate delegate and you need to get to Tampa OR if you would like to SPONSOR a delegate, please visit this link and share it with your networks.

If you're not a delegate, nor can you afford to sponsor a delegate, the next best thing to do is buy advanced ticket to Paul Festival.

Getting our delegates to Tampa and accommodating them is going to be an enormous task. Very few, if any, of us are made of money. It's going to take ALL OF US to make this endeavor succeed. ALL of us to get Ron Paul's delegation to Tampa. Together we WILL succeed. Divided we will fail.



During the Texas GOP Convention, I was recently selected as an alternate delegate to the RNC in Tampa, FL!!!
The costs are estimated to be $3000+ to $4000+. My chip in goal is $2000, and I can scrape together the rest. I have exhausted my reserves and now need to ask for help.

I have donated $2000+ over the years directly to campaign, organized and fund raised for a major RP parade float, campaigned for several delegates by printing flyers at Texas GOP convention (from my own expense), helped organize a caravan to Austin for a Ron Paul rally, donated my time and resources to numerous Ron Paul events locally in the DFW area.

If you cannot help with chip in, please you can help by giving my DP page an up vote, promote my chipin, or leave a comment.


Whoever Said Have A Delegate Bomb Must Be Crazy...

The campaign itself cant even raise $600k when asked for! A chip-in would be great - it is a matter of getting DP to stake out a spot so that such fundraisers stay on the front page versus getting buried in posts. Like the taxpayer freedom money bomb did.

Thank you!

Thank you to those of you that recently donated to the Wyoming ChipIn!

Chip In for Minnesota CD 6

Great idea Wyoming! A few days ago Minnesota CD6 started a chip in. I think it's a great way to help our delegates/alternates carry the message all the way to Tampa. I hope more states start up chip ins for their delegates. I plan on giving to CD6 first since I am from this area but also I plan on donating to Wyoming and other ones. If many of us could give at least $5.00, it would be amazing how quickly it adds up.

MN CD6 is:


Is it possible to set up a notice off to the right of Daily Paul just for chip ins?

What a great way to thank our delegates for representing us!

Hell im not even sure i got

Hell im not even sure i got the money to get to the state convention on the 18th let alone get to tampa

This is good foresight

I was asked if I wanted to be a delegate if my district wins in Cali. I of course would, but there's no way I could pay for it myself. If the campaign doesn't directly help out, then it makes sense to do our own money bomb before Tampa. If we had 1,500 delegates (which we probably won't) and we gave them each 1,000 for the trip, that would be 1.5 million, a number we've consistently hit before.

Yes, Have a Delelgate Bomb!

I know two alternate delegates that are senior citizens on social security. They could use help to pay for the big airfare and hotel bill.


Another suggestion

As a foreign Ron Paul supporter, it irked me that I could not donate to the Ron Paul campaign directly. I got around it another way.
IT IS LEGAL to support either the Daily Paul or help any potential delegates with their costs to attend conventions.
Can the Daily Paul facilitate any foreigners who want to help delegates with their travel costs as a legal way of supporting the Revolution?


Good idea but a suggestion

I'd wait before doing/starting it considering the campaign has some money bombs upcoming.

The reason I didnt try become

The reason I didnt try become a delegate is because of the financial obligation required. There is no way I could(or even can still) garuntee I would even have the money available to try to go anywhere.
I am loath to ask for other peoples money but I do hope anyone who needs it gets help so they can be there.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Chip In for Wyoming Delegates

The Wyoming Ron Paul delegates (1 delegate and 17 alternates) have a chip in set up if anyone would like to help out:


There are many Ron Paul WY delegates who post on Daily Paul who can vouch for the chip in if anyone is skeptical.