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Campaign Store Needs More Stuff to spark donations

We're not going anywhere, except to the RNC late this summer. With 1,000's of new supporters, and no new merchandise all year from the campaign store, I say the campaign needs to add a few things!!

-Paul vs. Romney/Obama Slim Jims
-Paul vs. The Biased Media Slim Jims

and just for fun to replace the beanies and sweatshirts

-Revolution Flip-Flops, Beach Towels and Back Packs for beach campaigning this summer!! Kinda wish I could have the above for Memorial Day weekend here in California! What a great day to remind people that vetrans/active duty troops support Ron Paul, especially in California days before the primary!

Let's use this Memorial Day to remind everyone where the Troops and Dr.Paul stand!

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Coffee mug..

Even Santorum had a coffee mug!

how about ron paul sweater vests?



I Need Shirts! There are no more Size L! This is a very common size!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

They have sold out and not replaced some items

Like rp pens mouse pads and a few others

Please subscribe to smaulgld.com

I agree

I want a more convincing bumper magnet. but the only magnet i could find was the "Ron Paul revolution" one which i already have. I want one with more emphasis on freedom. like "Ron Paul 2012, Because i prefer freedom over tyranny"

For our next moneybomb the campaign should give away bumper stickers/magnets(of your choice) for donations $25 or above.

I want more campaign gear.

I want more campaign gear. That hoodie with Ron's face is the best and there's been no xl's for a while now. I'm buying this payday for sure. Prolly some buttons for the state convention.