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Has the Ron Paul supporters changed throughout the campaign?

I have been a Ron Paul supporter since last year and it seems like the people that were supporters then are not the same people that are supporters now.

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More people of course. You

More people of course. You probably just haven't seen the older ones. They're the ones working behind the scenes to win.

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A lot of the truthers left

after the site ruled that 9/11 truth threads would be pushed into the "Off Topic" graveyard.

A certain few of us remained, even though we were disappointed about the ruling.
A large number left at that time.

Those that stayed...

Truly believe in Ron Paul,those that were quiters did not, They were only here to dominate a well viewed Ron Paul site to promote a theory using bully tactics. Actions speak louder than words. Thank you for staying to support Ron Paul and Liberty on the "Daily Paul".

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."


the truth WILL come out, no matter how many people around here try to suppress it.

And when it does come out, they will have to live with themselves for supporting the criminal oppressive regime by being accessories after the fact in the cover-up, and refusing to reveal the evil, and actively trying to prevent others from revealing it.

I will NEVER forget it.

And if self interest...

in a theory blows Ron Paul's chances at the Presidency...

I will never forget it.

P.S. And really? asking for a few week temporary break from a theory that will take 50 years to prove now translates to "supporting the criminal oppressive regime by being accessories after the fact in the cover-up"? You know good and well that is not even close to the truth my friend and very melodramatic in the least. The "truth" is this is the "Daily Paul" and not the "Daily truther" and we are in the most critical point of a campaign for "Ron Paul" not one of the several different "theories". It is critical to temporarily stay focused and you know it.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

(CONCERN TROLL Thread) But I'll humor you :)

As far as people actually coming and going?:
Yes people come and go, but none leave the cause of liberty. They all help out and find their own unique and different ways of doing things. It's called WAHOR, We all have our roles. This is a good thing. You cannot stop a decentralized force anymore than you can stick your hand in a river to stop it. The water will flow over, under, around and through you. Such is our movement. It is not a snake who's head you can cut off but more of a hydra. One goes, 10 more take its place.

As far as whether Ron Paul supporters are different people now as opposed to the beginning of the campaign, I'd say yes as well. They have grown and matured and have educated themselves, gotten involved and have become seasoned competent leaders and activists in the cause of liberty.

I hope that answers your question if you're sincere. Regardless of whether you are sincere I would advise against posting "Concern troll" threads, We easily recognize them and they get buried pretty quickly.


Exactly what does mikezealot mean anyway? They could have changed in a positive way as a collective. Grown bigger, better, more fine tuned, better at getting the message across, facts instead of theory etc and so on...

Sort of like a polished shine to it all.

I agree with pog and furthermore

As a long timer here, I for one have changed. I used to not agree with Ron Paul on all his issues, but now, I do. I was a Libertarian since 1976- 92, because an Indy, 1993-2011. I hoped Ron Paul would go Indy in 07.

Everyday I learn something here on DP. I don't think I'm alone. I've seen people come and go and come back and go again, and I also think there are people who come and go and never come back over an issue.. like abortion.. they can not think in terms of "human rights" and prefer discriminaion, women's, blacks, disabled...

I think way too many people who are seeking, are called trolls, Even the owner of the site has been called a troll.. so I think the term troll is used by trolls allot. Unless they are selling soap from India.. I don't care if they are here. I don't care if they are from Romney, or Obama, because I see an opportunity for them to "see our light", and change themselves, as I have myself. I never thought I would be a Republican. Now I'm not just a Republican, but elected onto a Republican Central Committee and like many here, facing the Neocons and battling them face to face.

Welcome and wear your Ron Paul/ Daily Paul gear proudly!

I like what you said about people here from Romney-Obama...

Then you likened President Paul people as like beakons of Light...that is so so true. When I see the tens of thousands of young people with their unending energy I actually at times tears up.

Here we have a 77 years old Master of Honesty and Truth running for President of the United States and getting kicked around by the super rich...yet, this Master has the People. I have never seen anything like this in my life and I got started with President Roosevelt when I was a baby...the only thing that came close to this event is when John Kennedy was around.

Also, thanks so much for all that you do. I am proud of the kind of American that you are. Be well.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

There is a difference

There is a difference between this election and four years ago because of the liberal influx who are fed up with Obama and think that Paul is a liberalatarian. Or maybe it is just this site that attracts those sorts. Yes I was here four years ago but I don't have the same account. But I haven't noticed any significant change since the beginning of this campaign cycle.

I am

I am a totally different person than I was back then, I now like Key Lime pie...

I'm not saying the people's

I'm not saying the people's views changing but the actual people themselves

I'm still here

and I'm still there,doing what I can...