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NYT: "Still in the Race, and Plotting a Path to the Convention"

The marquee names in the cast of the 2012 presidential election are Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. But in the days ahead, watch out for a somewhat forgotten member of the extras: Ron Paul.

Ben Margot/Associated Press
Ron Paul in April.Mr. Paul, below, a Texas congressman, officially remains in the hunt for the Republican nomination. And now, his well-organized network of faithful supporters is causing trouble for Mr. Romney at state party conventions around the country.

In state after state, Mr. Paul’s libertarian-minded army of volunteers is trying to seize delegates from Mr. Romney, taking over party chairmanships and ousting longstanding party officials with ties to Mr. Romney.


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I posted another comment

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Ron Paul wins 2012. Get ready for it. :)

for real

for real

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"The more delegates he has,

the better chance he might have to prevent Mr. Romney from being nominated on the first ballot."

Um...the more delegates Paul has, the better chance Paul will win. Wow, they just can't say the words!


Um, if Romney doesn't win on the first ballot, his chances go down on the second...

Santorum delegates bound to Santorum on the first ballot, those who aren't actually Paul supporters, will see blood in the water, and vote anti-Romney: probably. It is possible that these slots are filled by status quo voters, but I would think the advantage is ours when it comes to gains in a second ballot.

If Dr. Paul gives another great speech to the delegates, like the one he gave in Nevada pointing out that Romney can't beat Obama, he could even win over Romney delegates.

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My comment that I just posted

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I'd be surprised if my comment is published.

See this past NYT-related thread of mine:


Ron Paul wins 2012. Get ready for it. :)

Are they assuming we're not already turned off???

"Mr. Romney cannot afford to treat Mr. Paul in a dismissive way that could turn off his supporters."

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

OH my after this enbattled weekend in Sparks, NV

your comment with the intended sarcasm made me spit coffee! Mr. Romney's supporters apparently believe they can be more than dismissive...they also learned that it doesn't work. Perhaps we have their attention now! We took back the banner after the stealth of '08...with vigor, determination, righteousness and pride.
Hear that hissing sound? It is the sounds of the steam building up and the locomotive running down the track...gaining speed and momentum.

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At least they didn't use the phrase "hijack the conventions"

anywhere. Now the key phrase is "seizing delegates."

This is another hatchet job.

This is another hatchet job. It says about five times that he still has no chance in Tampa.

What do you expect

from The NY Times?

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