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When Will the AP Change Their Delegate Counts?

I see that the AP came out with a story that acknowledges Ron Paul's win in Maine. So they know what the deal is.

But their delegate tracker, http://hosted.ap.org/interactives/2012/delegate-tracker/ still has Ron Paul with 10 delegates and Mitt Romney with 12 delegates for Maine.

I thought Louisiana was a done deal also but they show Ron Paul with zero delegates for that state.

Isn't Missouri a done deal? They have Ron Paul with only 4 delegates.

They also show only one delegate from Iowa for Ron Paul.

It's not like they are currently playing it conservatively until they know exactly who the delegates are voting for. They've been projecting Romney and Santorum delegates from the caucus states based on the meaningless straw votes. So now when things are pretty clear, I would think it's time for them to make new projections.

I'm sure it must be very painful for them to admit that this thing might not actually be over yet.

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Louisiana and Iowa have not

Louisiana and Iowa have not awarded any delegates.

Now...how painful is it for YOU to admit you were wrong?

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AP and Reuters

are responsible for almost all of the propaganda that is spread through what is known as "news".

Their job is to keep the truth away from the people and until very recently they have been very successful.

But the times are changing.....

so never?

so never?

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