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Crickets on Drudge

I find it interesting that Drudge has no mention of Paul's victories in Maine and Nevada. Now why could that be? I have two theories.

A] Drudge has been bought off or at the very least is in the tank for O'Romney.


B] Drudge is helping the Paul campaign by keeping this down played so that Romney supporters relax into their arm chairs and remain in their fox induced stupor until the convention.

We all want recognition for what the Paul supporters have accomplished but maybe it's better that we don't get it. The delegate strategy seems to only work as long as the Romney supporters get complacent and stay home during the delegate process.

I think the media is in a catch 22. I think if they begin to talk about Paul then people will begin to think there is a chance he could actually win and that could cause a huge surge in support for Paul. On the other hand if they don't talk about Paul the Romney sheeple will stay complacent.

I think it's great strategy for the Paul Campaign to down play their chances. Yes it may discourage some people but because the Paul supporters are in it NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS and will stick with Paul through thick and thin, the Paul campaign can get away with down playing their chances.

Anyway that's my take. What do you think?

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Matt Drudge is not an inside job...hello people

Couple trolls here planting disinformation.

Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. - Ben Franklin

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Really, now? Just look at Drudge's front page right now

Like there's really a difference between the two circus clowns? Gimme a break, Drudge. They have the same ringmaster, different costume.

There are still RP'ers who don't know Drudge is an inside job???


[face plant]

Drudge made his name

as a muckraking outsider, and then promptly became firmly vested into the Status Quo.

Don't be looking to Drudge for any help with freedom.

This is the way they have all become and it seems to be getting

worse the better Dr. Paul does. I am so upset to think that the American people are being cheated out of a fair election. Everyone I talk to has no idea what is even happening in the Republican primary as they think it is over, yet most are not even sold on Romney. This is worse than what is going on in Russia and a real travesty for America. Shame on them!


Double-edged sword for the Willard types

Too many news stories about Romney being the presumptive nominee, and you don't get as much turnout to the District and State conventions.

Shoot, if he announced a running mate, I'd bet the future conventions would be even more bare.

Finally, we're able to use the media's blackout to our advantage!

Never thought of it

Never thought of it like that. They're actually doing Paul a favor because people who may like Rmoney will not show up.

You Vote With Your Clicks. Do Not Give Drudge Traffic.

Remove him from your homepage/bookmarks/etc. This has been going on at Drudge since at least October when Cain entered the race. The coverage of Cain was unbelievable. Its as if the establishment knew he was a joke so he (as well as others) served as a distraction from Paul. Drudge is not a friend of liberty.

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...and boycott drudge. He is a slime bag along with the rest of the scum that call themselves news media. They all are whores for the banksters agenda. So far so good in the plan to dumb down and kill America. People keep sucking up the lies and disinformation not even knowing they are targeted to get mind-controlled and led to their fates like the pied piper leading the lemmings to the sea of death.



It's just like a game of chess.

We are about to Castle "their" King (Mittens)
Our Knights (Delegates-Elected) are wreaking havoc all over the board.
Our Bishops are in place (County/State Chairpersons)

And by August it will be "Checkmate", and onward to the Election!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I quit the drudge sellout site.

You should to.

Drudge is a sellout...

just like anyone else who happens to hit it big in the media world. Expect nothing different from the rest of em.

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

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Wow, I SWEAR I was thinking the same thing - cricketts chirping!

I have posted many threads here at the DP expressing my anger and frustration at Drudge for not mentioning anything about Ron Paul but had never considered Option B. If it's not being reported then there's nothing for Drudge to link to. **Excellent point!**


I was going to Drudge every day and haven't been there for weeks now. The DP is my primary source of news. I too noticed the sound of crickets on Drudge and hope that it is for reasons you list under option B.

It is definitely a catch 22 for the media and is a real stroke of genius by the campaign. I was discouraged at first by all the downplay. Then I began to understand the "unspoken" strategy and my down heartedness turned to awe.

If all supporters adhere to the "in it to win it" approach they will haves to trust the campaign knows what they are doing and be there to do their part when the time comes.

Good post.

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

I don't think Drudge has good intentions

It is certainly purposefully left out of the headlines.

My take is that there are two reasons for the continued blackout:

1) To stop our momentum... or at least not contribute to it

2) When they are at a point were we can't be ignored, the story line will be (and is already) that we are stealing the election... that this is our new tactic, etc.

It's not that simple

They will not play it up or down they will do what they are best at; spin it!

The spin is that a small group of very motivated people unfairly have taken over the process and have won a disproportionate amount of delegates and power.

These guys are just not fair, so what can the RNC do to make it fair to all those people who really want Romney? They have to save democracy (not only abroad but now also at home), so to make it fair for all they help "us" by changing the rules so Ron Paul cannot dominate the convention.

My take on it.

They are experts at deception, lies and propaganda while calling it truth, open mindedness and fair. Don't ever underestimate the elite and their media, government and big business operatives. The rulers of the world are not going to go away without a fight and they are damn good at fighting dirty.

You are right!

I believe that catch 22 as you said sums it up.
Damned if they do, damned if they dont.
Only time will tell.
Something big is happening!

Ron Paul 2012!!!