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Pre- and during convention strategy

I think something like this might bear alot of weight if designed and presented appropriately. If we could start getting photos of Obama Romney and Paul rallies and put them in a brochure/handout for the convention it could likely show the disparity in support b/t Romney and Obama. It is very easy to see he is a straw candidate, Showing this clearly is essential and could sway some fencers when it comes to the Obama haters. The Paul crowd hates everything Obama is about, and there will also be voters with the "anybody but obama" mentality. But for them, it will definately be an anybody but obama who can win if there is a second ballot. Because they aren't typically the sharpest tools in the shed, proof positive illustrations would help sway their vote. After all, those are the types that might throw Palin's name out just because they think she has groundswell.

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I would love to see a graphic

I would love to see a graphic that shows the numbers at RP rallies, cumulatively. maybe time on x axis and # of people on y? Or a comparison chart of Romney attendees vs. Paul attendees over time. 5k in MI plus 5k in IL plus 4k in wherever compared to 200 for Willard, and another 175 for Willard...