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Could Freepers be Turning?

Of course, most will always hate Paul but more than a few are saying here that he is better than Romney or that they hope he can throw the convention wide open.


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Why waste their frustration?

If the majority of those posters over there are truly sincere in what they say, why not work with them and people like them?

Who knows? Maybe we may even get a few of them to fully jump on the Team Paul bandwagon once they're consistently exposed to Paul and his message?

Sodomizing your enemies and freerepublic

You can't expose them to Dr. Paul's message. They ban anyone that tries to talk. They don't believe that free speech and informed opinion is fundamental to a free society, that's it's all some type of mob forced consenses. That is why they use so much bullying tactics, insults, conspiracy theories, etc.

There are probably thousands of people that have been senselessly banned from freerepublic over the years. They are on their way down, and get riddance. They aren't free, and they aren't materially different than hardcore leftists that also use similar dishonest debate tactics instead of honest persuasion.

The last of one of their threads I saw is where one of the probably last Christians there was berating freerepublic for making jokes about rapes by the military and in prison - that sodomy was fun and a good thing to do to your enemy.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

The people that boo-ed Ron

The people that boo-ed Ron Paul for bringing up the golden rule in the South Carolina debate describes freerepublic. Do you really want to associate with that? Just let freerepublic die.


And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

What I've noticed about Free Republic lately

They are beat down and demoralized.

That makes sense...

.. they have no dogs in the fight. They were once a mighty Moral Majority and now they have to either accept that money rules all *OR* support someone who they thought was kooky but are just discovering that they agree with him on some points.

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Free republic...


They are blatantly anti-Ron Paul and very pro romney.



I agree that that they hate

I agree that that they hate Ron Paul but the "majority view" over there, including of Jim Robinson, is that Romney is scum.

I always wondered what turn of events

created a situation where people who call themselves "freepers" actually work to ensure tyranny.

Is the name some kind of joke, or are they so completely in the dark that they don't even realize the irony?

Two cults in 2001 did it

Two cults did it in 2001. I was there.

First, a group of Roman Catholics did their best to coverup the pedophile scandal before it was widely known. Only one or two people fought them, including an older honorable Roman Catholic. And of course, it wasn't contained, and everyone knew about it in the years to come as it got bigger and bigger. Farah of WND still won't cover it - and I have a personal email from him after pointing that out at the time.

Second, a group of zionists wanted to spin 2001 into a hate all Islam thing, and was solicititing ways to turn prophecy of God's word which had nothing to do with Islam into something about Islam.

After it's all said and done, and ten years of cults and fear mongerling, I'd have to say that I'm seeing the seal of solomon and the 666 talents of tribute to Solomon as the key (ie 1 Kings 10 - that's about 40 tons or so of gold tax-tribute in one year). ie the zionists did it. The pedophile scandal didn't help.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Good and easy to understand how Brokered Convention works..

Things are looking up for the RP Campaign and RP Supporters in America.

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Let's hope that Santorum and

Let's hope that Santorum and Gingrich hold onto their delegates until the convention. Right now, each represent a vote denied to Romney.

They WILL ask them to fall in

They WILL ask them to fall in behind Mittens, let's hope their delegates are our people!

You're probably right but

You're probably right but there is a small chance that Santorum and Newt would jump ship if Romney keeps losing delegates. They'd never endorse us but they may feel emboldened to jump back in.

FR still doesn't like RP

any better than they ever did, but some of them might vote or support RP out of "anyone but Romney" desperation, or so it seems.

Hence the keyword "paultards4obama" on the article


I think that the best way to

I think that the best way to reach the bulk of the freeper crowd now is to argue that we have a mutual interest in a brokered convention because "anything can happen." My own prediction is that if it goes past the first ballot Mitt will have to withdraw and throw his support to someone else like Mitch Daniels, Christie, or Rubio. We could be heading for multiple/multiple ballots.

It doesn't matter

...who Romney throws his support to, RP delegates won't budge.

I agree....that's why we are

I agree....that's why we are heading for multiple ballots. If Romney goes down, the establishment really doesn't have a good alternative. They'll split their votes.; The pro-war conservatives are also highly fragmented.

This is the best (and

This is the best (and simplest) explanation I've seen for people who are still confused about what is going on w/ the delegate process. I am forwarding it to all my not-yet-addicted Ron Paul supporter friends.

Wow... looking at those comments, things are definitely looking

good for the "Anyone but Romney and Obama" out there, in FreeRepublic of all places! I've seen their behavior been so drastically against RP for years and this thread is the best I've ever seen. There is a real chance to take the Romney hatred out there and make it turn into support!

Drastic is right. I was

Drastic is right. I was banned twice there over the years.


I've been banned there, too.

I tried pretty hard to

I tried pretty hard to appease Jim Rob and generally backed off when warned....but it proved impossible in the end. One problem was that it was not often clear how much you could "push it." Right now, they appear to have a few Paulites left but I am sure they are far more diplomatic than I am.