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The MSM New Ron Paul Would Be A Major Factor In The Race At This Point & They Are Playing Out Another Script

Observations From A Long Time Ron Paul Supporter & Delegate To The State Convention: The MSM had a few stories early in the race about how Ron Paul would be a major factor later on in the race. In between then & now, the MSM attempted to dilute, ignore & slander Ron Paul & his army of supporters. All this was an attempt to water down Ron Paul's support.(That is why they gave attention to ANYONE but Ron Paul). IT FAILED. Now Ron Paul & his supporters are too loud, too involved, too educated to be silenced & put upon the shelf. They are, without any media attention (positive) & constant GOP/Romney Campaign Cheating, WINNING. Juxtapose that with Mitt Romney's constant media attention & GOP establishment bias in his favor...even with all these elements on his side, Mitt still is not liked or trusted by the people. He is being forced upon the people, but the people are resisting. The people dont want Romney (I dont know how obvious that fact has to be before Romney gets it & drops out). I am embarrassed for Romney. We dont want your corruption in leadership Mitt! We've had enough corruption in the white house in past decades. We are trying to clean up the mess that people like you created!
The point of this blog post is that we shouldnt expect the MSM to come our way (though, if they were not corrupted & owned by special interests, they would come our way). Instead we should expect the MSM to follow yet another script that attempts to dilute, demoralize & make irrelevant Ron Paul & his supporters hard work, enthusiasm, delegates.....AND we must run this race even harder now. It is essential that we continue to do everything we can to win. Truth, & the people are on our side. Corruption, the establishment cheating machine & MSM is on Mitt Romney's ... you do the math.

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