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What can we do to discredit and ultimately shut down the msm?

The whorespondents and presstitutes are out in force today pushing the illusion there is a difference between the presumptuous gop nominee and the slight of hand democrap. I get they are doing a good job of discrediting themselves but it is not enough. These otherwise well intentioned folks who watch are in a trance and seem to need constant petting by the corporate media. I can only watch this stuff in very small doses and not intentionally but there are many folks who swallow this tripe hook line and sinker. In my job where my partner and I enter 3 to 4 homes a day to work we also take the opportunity to talk about Liberty. I registered R to vote in the caucus for RP delegates, I was a poll worker at the primary to observe for shenanigans, I contribute money to the campaign, I have a website directing folks to the Liberty minded, I have RP yard signs, etc. Short of being a zealot for the cause what else can we do to promote Liberty on our terms? Im venting on the DP in hopes of more ideas and to stimulate more action. I know there are lots of folks on the DP who give their all and then some for the ideals of LIBERTY, FREEDOM, and PEACE and I thank you. Its not about how many up votes you can get on a post, its about getting off your butt and doing something to promote the return to abiding by one of the greatest documents ever produced...THE CONSTITUTION. The msm and its controllers have done their best to shred the CONSTITUTION, we see through their lies and agenda and are very tired of the whole mess. We can substitute the junk-food of the msm for the nutrition of truth. Peace my brothers and sisters and get in the fight for our God given rights any way you can, it will be worth it.

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LarryMarry sounding



It's cool LMy-He has no chance-you can chill-or

Either way

This is great fun-Y.

Do you not agree, LarMary?

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

For starters, quit using

For starters, quit using EXTREMELY immature comments like Whorespondants and presstitutes.

That does nothing but make YOU look bad in the eyes of 99.9999999999% of the population.

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For starters, we've already

For starters, we've already won

Get rid of your cable

see title

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Good advice indeed!

I don't have cable or satellite just local antenna getting 6 channels and that's too much. The point I'm attempting to convey doesn't concern what I am watching its what the majority of the voting public is watching. They are addicted like junky's and we need them to get clean so the veil is lifted and they can see the damage done and begin healing.
1} They don't know why they follow it, just a routine bad habit.
2} They really don't like it yet they do know it is not good for them.
3) They don't know how or don't want to quit because they are afraid to be without it.

We need to direct them to an alternative media because they are not going to go cold turkey. We are kidding ourselves if we think we don't need them.

"Freedomless, Will work for Liberty"

Maybe another

Carrington event! Drastic but effective.

"I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book." Groucho Marx

Ignore them

Cancel you cable if you haven't but keep internet even if it doesn't save much (due to plan bundlings) - it's the message we are sending that we no longer want their product.

Spend the time with your kids and family. Scour the net for worthwhile articles and news and share with people here.

If enough people left MSM they will come crumble under their own weight (already started happening).

There is a movement

For Media Reform, this is something we should also put our effort into.


Bringing Down the MSM

Keep citing interesting and accurate news that you find from online sources to people - particularly news that contradicts the MSM yet matches reality.

This makes people wonder why their televisions and newspapers are not matching self-evident reality and ultimately question MSM. It will take multiple iterations of this for people to reject MSM completely, but it will happen eventually as, over time, online sources prove more reliable than MSM.

Also, any time you see a skit or comedy exposing MSM lies or disinformation, spread that around every six months or so. I know of three so far:

1. the Jon Stewart skit regarding Ron Paul's campaign and Iowa straw poll of 2011
2. Mika Brzezinski repeating White House talking points on The Morning Joe here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRHVwwThSAk
3. Then there is a skit done on the Late Show about 15 different local news agencies all using the same scripted line to introduce the story... I forget the name of that one. If I recall correctly it was about the Conan O'Brien show and demonstrated a clear news script used across multiple channels, in multiple states and different hosts for each one. Find it and link it if you can to show the MSM is anything but independent.

Just give your TV away

I don't watch it and it has made me so much happier (and wiser I believe).

Then tell all your friends you don't watch it and create the new normal.

haven't watched it for about . . .

40-43 years--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I gave my TV away...Amazing how much I don't

miss it. All the news I need I get at DP and a few other sites. Radio too.

One word:


I don't play, I commission the league.

Just let them be themselves.

Just let them be themselves. They are sinking their own ship faster than anyone could possibly try to sabotage it.

The MSM is screwing themselves...so we do not need

to do anything except what we are already doing. WE are the media for RP. The MSM can eat our dust.

Re-direct the herd.

Most of the general public behave essentially as herd animals. Hence, the term "sheeple".
They don't like things that the herd doesn't like, and distrust those who don't run with the herd.
Haven't you noticed that when you just get your brand new car, and park it out in the middle of the parking lot far from others, there are always other cars parked around you when you return? People feel the need to cluster around each other like little clucking hens.

So, they respond to collectivist stimuli such as laughing when they mention the TV news, and saying something like, "Oh! You still watch the news on TV?! Nobody else is! Didn't you hear about all those TV news shows ratings plummeting? People are using the internet for news now. It's SO much better!"

Then, since they gauge what THEY do, based on what they perceive the herd is doing, they think about changing.

This is absolutely the reason why the media just talks about Romney, and calls him the "prsumptive nominee" and make it appear like everyone is voting for him, etc. They are using the herd control formula, which boils down to this, "That's what everybody else is doing, so that's what YOU should do too".

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Lame stream media...

...and the propaganda machine is the greatest enemy that America has ever had. THIS is the domestic enemy within that is fully and wholly responsible for the horrible shape the world is in. The slime bag same old garbage media is the one entity that prevents Americans from joining together to rid this country of this kind of corruption and evil. They alone are at blame for the endless wars and lies that come out every day.

What would be nice to hear is fox/cnn just got blown up off the map by al-cia-duh! This is after all, WAR against the American people and they are killing us and our country and getting completely away with it.


Yes, and there is a word to describe the enemy...

but I dare not speak its name!

our job to spread the message

again, the media still has a strong foothold. There are still millions and millions who take every word from the media as truth. The media has been clever in it's efforts to give thos supporting liberty a bad label, and keep a tight control on what information their veiwers are allowed to see.

It is a tough nut, but becoming easier and easier to show concrete evidence that the media as a whole intentionally perpetuates lies and deceptions. Yes, many are waking up to it on their own, but thanks to our public school system, many are not bright enough or unable to execute critical thinking and make a rational analysis.

Keep pushing the effort to let everyone know what a corrupt and dangerous system of national broadcast we have in America.

Just tell them everyone is starting to get their news elsewhere

Like policymic and other places-- like locally owned newspapers that aren't owned by corporations. If they aren't reporting about all the candidates in a presidential election, what else are they not reporting? If they are not reporting on NDAA, what else are they not reporting? If they are not reporting about CISPA, what else are they not reporting? If they are not reporting about important bills the President signs, what else are they not reporting? People are getting sick of it and it is why their ratings are going down.


would then jump to the top of the censoring list.

I don't play, I commission the league.