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Ron Paul finally getting coverage again on NPR!

Yes, I admit that I do listen to NPR. I like to know what they're up to, and it appears that the latest Ron Paul 2012 blackout at NPR is over. Paul's delegate battle apparently can no longer be ignored; now how about covering his massive rallies?



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that one could honestly

(and i do mean this out of respect for boongrant)

believe that it takes listening to NPR to know what they're up to is beyond me.....i wasted almost ten years of my life listening to them while restoring old homes, which is what i do when i'm not in architecture class (almost finished!.....with undergrad) :(
we had a kid so that kinda got in the way.....unless i was supposed to be a crap ass dad and then i'd be finished, of course. :)

but i'm not, and i will no longer grace the dial with NPR or much of anything. i really like KTCU for the most part, though when TCU games are on i want to kill myself......not going to happen, fyi.

I too was shocked but pleased


Hear that sound? It's the news media backpedaling to cover their backsides!

Ron Paul is gaining so much momentum with obtaining delegates that it's impossible to ignore him. The media is sweating bullets, because should a major Ron Paul upset occur at the GOP convention, they will look even tenfold more like idiots by not seeing it coming!

"If you were blind, you should have no sin: but now you say, We see; therefore your sin remains."

John 9:41

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin

The "P" in NPR

Does NOT stand for "PRIVATE"


oh i forgot i read this yesterday in that article , here is the nonsensical writing they do out of KERA/NPR

"Romney's aides say they do not view Paul as a threat to winning the nomination"

"Romney's team have also been mindful not to do or say anything that might anger Paul's loyal supporters"

HMMM what subjective reasoning here.

Mike Dennehy, a former top aide to MCCAIN
"I think he's being very careful because he knows how important the Ron Paul voters are"

so they get subjective reasoning from people that have nothing to do with the romney campaign at all and put that in the article

Elizabeth Shardlow of Auburn, a Paul activist.
^---== where are the ROMNEY ACTIVIST or OBAMA ACTIVIST ?
HMMMM labels are labels

(Charles Cragin, a Romney supporter who lost Saturday's bid to chair the convention, called the turn of events at the Maine convention "bizarre." Cragin said the Paul-led delegation may not be recognized at the national convention because of violations of rules of procedure this weekend in Augusta.)

so elizabeth is an activist but charles is a supporter hmm thats fair , YEAH paul voters broke rules MY ASS.

Another Romney supporter, delegate John Carson of Kittery, acknowledged "this is a split convention."

^--=== so john and charles are romney supporters but that elizabeth girl shes just one of those damn paul activists!

and to end with more brainwashing

"I think it's important that the Romney camp and Paul camp come together and support a single candidate," Carson said, adding that candidate should be Romney.

^--== he sounds more like a ROMNEY ACTIVIST
WHAT ABOUT THE DICKHEAD caught passing out fake GRASSROOTS DELEGATE SHEETS for paul supporters this weekend !!

WAKE UP america and read through the subliminal BS these NPR presstitutes are pushing out there!

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

what violations?

i keep seeing this pop up about the rules violations but no reference about exactly what rules were violated that would prohibit seating the maine delegation.

any maine people out there that could furnish more details?

That's the question.

SteveMartin on the Maine convention thread says rules weren't violated. It seems more like the convention didn't go according to Party plans, so they're grasping at straws to undo what's done.

Take a look at his comment. http://www.dailypaul.com/230910/maine-state-convention-updat...

tell that

tell that to that cunt gwen ifill host of the pbs newshour ,
i was going to create a whole forum post about this,

the trendies on PBS newshour NPR and so on , have already skipped ahead, to them its like the general election is on and the tampa convention doesnt need to take place any longers since the RNC RIENC PREIBUS <-dicksmoocher extrordinaire> has come out and officially called ROMNEY the PRESUMPTIVE NOMINEEE.

there was a time when i was very close to pledging some money to NPR but HELL NO ! how can they ask for money when they claim to have only underwriters and corporate contributors that dont influence the stories or coverage on thier shows WHICH IS TOTAL BS because they blantanly DO!!
NPR can get lost and KERA is full of shit too

sorry for the profanity but we are talking about garbage reporting here

go ahead and watch pbs newshour at 6 or at 9 pm and see how many times they talk about RON PAUL, I can forecast and predict it will be ZERO TIMES!!

better yet go to the homepage
and do a find for PAUL NADDA


this is fair coverage huh ?

look at all of this bitches articles , such nonsense

face it they have skipped over the narrative of the actual RNC NOMINATION

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

NPR can kiss my big toe.

NPR can kiss my big toe.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

NPR has been one of the WORST

NPR has been one of the WORST offenders of the media blackout of Dr Paul.

MANY times I've heard their so-called 'senior political advisors' come on and say that Romney has LOCKED UP the nomination and it's over and he is the nominee.

I could not care less if they start doing Ron Paul stories now, they are absolutely controlled.

Yes, I heard (brief) coverage over the weekend

During the top of the hour headlines over the weekend, mention was made of the win in Maine. It came right after a mention of Gary Johnson winning the Libertarian nomination for president. NPR has historically ignored all third parties.

Maybe the snarky comments I've been posting, along with other RP supporters, on NPR's website have finally gotten their attention.

Glad to hear someone has complained to the ombudsman. I had thought about doing the same. I had sent an e-mail of complaint to NPR and got a canned response. So much for that.

I don't want to get in an argument here about NPR. I have been listening for decades (not just to the news) and have donated most years. During the most recent fundraiser, I sat out and sent a letter to the station director to let him know why. I don't like punishing my local station - I have their classical music playing in my office throughout the work day - but withholding my voluntary financial support seemed a fitting way to express my displeasure.

Important thread, please vote UP and share

Republican Executive Committee Member Calls for Resignation of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus


We need to support this man so others may follow suite.

I've been listening to OPB

I've been listening to OPB (oregon public broadcasting) for hours today and haven't heard a single mention, not even in their news briefs.

I shall never give them a dime

i hope you will take the time

to tell them why...I do, every fund-drive they have. (which is now!)
They did broadcast the story about the Nevada convention during morning edition today, which, as far as I know was the first mention of RP in a very LONG time, except for Kimmel'
s "scooby-doo" comment last week.
I am going to tell them this time that I prefer to send funds to Michael at the Daily Paul!


That was me on there,

with the "Christmas" quote. I also spoke about the Romney vote to be PC. That convention was not the time to battle the binding.

Cynthia Kennedy, Nevada RON PAUL Delegate!

Floydius's picture

I was on a road trip

this weekend and actually heard an NPR news blip about RP taking the majority of delegates from Maine. It pleasantly surprised me!

misquoted paul

i'm sure he didn't say:

"So the revolution is working. We have infiltrated the Republican Party and we will convert the Republican Party to the offenders of liberty".



I don't know what's going on over at NPR but they even had a professor on discussing the effects of GMO pesticide on the forrest ecosystem and the possible potential effects of local area residents. Apparently many parents are concerned that the local water has become contaminated. I am glad that this is getting national attention here in the states.

Nothing from Drudge

I find that very telling.


Good to see NPR at least pretending to be unbiased in their selection of what to call the news.

I also have been a long time listening to NPR (30+ years as the only radio station I listened to and I've never pledged / donated - something about which I am quite proud).

Now on to reading the articles....

Jason Robinson
Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho

I donated too!!!

Unfortunately it was because the IRS would put me in jail if I refused to pay my taxes that subsidize that pile of crap.
And I don't care if they proclaimed RP was the second coming of Jesus - I am not clicking on that link and giving them ratings.


I misunderstood, but I believe he said that he has never donated to them.

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

No - you are right

sometimes when at work we must just click quickly before proof reading. I will edit. "Donated to them"

What Would Topple Romney Is If RP Can Take TX or CA

the GOP establishment may have the fix in, but I haven't heard about success in getting non-republican, pro-Paul people to register as Republican either.

I say Paul has already won - its just a matter of whether or not his supporters can stay united under one banner come 2016.

May opinion is take over the Libertarian party to challenge in 2016 no matter who is in the WH.

Good news. Thus far, NPR has

Good news. Thus far, NPR has been even worse than Fox in giving RP the silent treatment.

It would

Take a hell of a lot more for me to listen to them again.

NPR: A classy inside job


agreed.I don't understand how

agreed.I don't understand how anyone can listen to them, even if it is to get intel on the mm agenda.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Several Thousand Dollars Worth of PR

That was several thousand dollars worth of publicity.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

If that News broadcaster is

If that News broadcaster is indicative of other NPR program broadcasters, my question is, how in the hell does anybody listen to that? If that guy had any less enthusiasm he would be dead. It was so dry and monotone, I think he was trying to use Neural Linguistic Programming or Hypnosis on people; that was just horrible. Seriously, I feel dumber just listing to it.

Sorry...already took NPR off the radio/TV schedule.

And that means no more donations to NPR...thanks for the reminder...I must remove NPR from auto radio selector. Will do it today.

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