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Lusitania sank 97 years ago today and the U.S. went into WWI

The most senseless and unnecessary war was a lie! The Lusitania was deliberately sent into German sub infested waters, unescorted and at a reduced rate of speed. Loaded with munitions to aid Britain's war machine, the ship exploded when hit with a torpedo and sank within 18 minutes. The Lusitania was an inside job!

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When I had lunch with Ron

When I had lunch with Ron Paul last week, he mentioned a false flag in the coming months to initiate a war with Iran. I believe the specific example he used was a boat in the middle east...

"Quod scripsi scripsi."

Proof and informants are hard to come by 99 yrs later but

I recently have developed big suspicions toward the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.

Why you say?

1. JP Morgan was supposed to be on the Titanic and at the last minute didn't go. Incidentally Alfred Vanderbilt was supposed to be on there but he too managed to "luck" out. However, it is interesting that Vanderbilt later died on the Lusitania.

2. Friend of JP Morgan, Milton Hershey, also cancelled his titanic trip

3. JP Morgan went to Jekyll island in 1910 to plan the Federal Reserve

4. JP Morgan owned the company that owned the Titanic.

5. Benjamin Guggenheim, Isa Strauss, and Jacob Astor all opposed the the founding of the Federal Reserve and all died on the titanic.

6. Federal Reserve act was passed the very next year in 1913

7. I noticed in National Geographic that the Titanic was found at about the 41st latitude line. Icebergs are known to brake off Greenland in spring time and float south. However, they say about 1% of them make it as far as the 48th latitude line. This was April so not very cold. Scientists can't explain it so they chalk it up to weird moon activity pulling the iceberg further south than it should have been. A well aimed torpedo from a sub would have had much the same effect of an iceberg.

We don't have definitive proof but the circumstances are suspicious. I don't know about the Lusitania. But one thing is for sure. I certainly wouldn't put it past them.

The Good Ship Lusitania vs. Titanic


Owners - Cunard
When built - 1907
Where built - Glasgow
Material - Steel
Length between perpendiculars - 762 2 feet
Breadth - 87 8 feet
Depth - 56 6 feet
Displacement - 42,000 tons
Gross Tonnage - 34,550
Speed - 25 85 Knots
How Propelled - Parsons Turbines 4 Screws
Steam Pressure per Square Inch - 195 Lb
Indicated Horse-Power - 70,000...or 70 Formula One cars or one modern naval cruiser has about 80,000 if I am not mistaken


Owners - White Star
When built - 1910
Where built - Belfast
Material - Steel
Length between perpendiculars - 850 feet
Breadth - 92 5 feet
Depth - 64.5 feet
Displacement - 52,300 tons
Gross Tonnage - 43,500
Speed - 21.0 Knots
How Propelled - Combination of Parsons Turbines
and Reciprocating Engines, 3 Screws
Steam Pressure per Square Inch - 215 Lb
Indicated Horse-Power - 50,000



I am going to post 2 links that help support this Topic subject matter (not this specific False Flag, but the concept of False Flags):

Financing side one:

The Left Sides (Red, White, etc.)

The other side:

The Might is Right Side

Wars are good for a specific economy - and the accounts are well documented.



It all starts with the baiting of Germany. The 1900's was their Greek tragedy. Twice burned. I've heard many people throughout my life say some very hateful things about Germans........but they do not know the full story. They would very likely have a different perspective if they did.

Ich liebe Deutschland und es ist Leute. Sie sind wunderbar!

Appropo place for reposting....


Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

And 97 years later

the US gov't is still using the same tactics to drag innocent people into the bankers' wars for no good reason.