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Creative Ad Needs Grassroots Funding, Slams (TSA Sympathizer) Dewhurst, Promotes Liberty Senate Candidate

Please check out this creative ad and consider giving it your support so it can air in more cities!


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Rand Paul support Cruz... good enough for me!


The TeaPartyExpress endorsement is not sufficient. Ron did not endorse Cruz and that should be a big bell ringer to you. Did Rand endorse him? Indeed, but Rand is not Ron.

If you do not do your research and simply follow like a "sheep" you insult Ron and the liberty movement.

Rand voted for Iran sanctions, do you support that vote when Ron says sactions are war?

Stop and think, do your research and stop the HERD mentality. The TeaPartyExpress is "Get a Republican in office and only support the one that will win at all cost".

TeaPartyExpress supported John Carter, Mr. TSA, Patriot act, NDAA and CISPA himself.

I guess because Ron and Rand took part in the Express, they must have endorsed Carter? NOT!

My RisingEagle flies high above your risingpheonix sir.

NO CRUZ.. No way.... No Matter What!

I voted your string up because I want to make sure ALL see what you said.

I hope you'll consider doing

I hope you'll consider doing more homework than that.

Cruz would have you believe he defends US sovereignty from attacks from World Court and the UN -- the catch is.. not at the same time.

For example, read Cruz's oral arguments in the Medellin case before the Supreme Court. Cruz argued that our remedy against World Court intervention is to defer to UN charter. The judge even asked him why he wasn't arguing along Constitutional lines.

If Cruz truly understands the threat to US sovereignty posed by the UN, why does he want to stay in it?

There is so much more. Go. Discover. Please don't let allegiance to Rand lead you into sloppy choices in other elections.