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Video: Romney Supporter Caught Handing Out Fake Ballots in Nevada Wearing a Ron Paul Shirt

Eric Blair
Activist Post


As Ron Paul continues to rack up delegates leading up to the national convention in Tampa, several mainstream media outlets have finally begun to pay attention, but most articles and news casts stress that Congressman Paul still has no chance at winning the nomination.

If Ron Paul doesn't have a shot, then why is the Romney campaign and the establishment GOP freaking out?

Last week, GOP Chairman Michael McDonald threatened Nevada that if Ron Paul delegates take over national convention slots, they won't be invited to Tampa. If these mafia tactics weren't enough, the Romney campaign resorted to the lowest form of dirty tricks at the Nevada convention.

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I'm against taser use, but this guy might qualify....lol

good job addressing this


I put it on Mitts FB page... I need a shower i feel really dirty going to his page..