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CALIFORNIA Early Voting for Presidential Primary Begins Today 5/7-to vote Ron Paul Register Republican by 5/21

California has a closed winner-take-all Primary on June 5. Nothing is impossible - Ron Paul has been all over the state drawing huge crowds. But independents and democrats must register Republican to vote for Ron Paul. Lets convince them. There is some time left.

"To be able to vote in the June 5 election, the eligible voter must file a voter registration form on or before May 21 (timely postmarks are accepted).

Individuals, who become United States citizens after May 21, can register and vote until the close of polls on June 5 at one of the Voting Centers. Registration forms may be obtained and filed at a Voting Center, and forms may also be obtained at all city clerk offices, US Postal Service offices, city and county libraries, and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Eligibility requirements and registration status information is available on the official website.

The official website at www.shapethefuture.org also provides polling place locations, voting machine instructions (text and video), answers to frequently asked questions, and election news.

For additional assistance, you can call the Elections Office at 650.312.5222.

All information and assistance is available in English, Spanish and Chinese."

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For Cali residents

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Double check your registration status

Make sure you are a registered Republican and your address is up to date.

You can check here:

i did!

and I am!

Ron Paul ... forever.

google docs

require you log in with A Google account. i FORGOT WHAT THAT WAS.

Ron Paul ... forever.

the creator of the document

the creator of the document can allow anyone on the internet to view and download their documents. you don't need to have a google account for the handouts.


i was able to get them!

Ron Paul ... forever.

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NO, timely postmarks NOT accepted

My understanding is that the voter registration card must be received and processed by May 21st, otherwise it will be TOO LATE.

So if you are in California and you are not registered Republican (which means Ron Paul won't be on your vote-by-mail ballot), then ignore the vote-by-mail ballot, and go here:


Fill out the form, print it, and mail it in TODAY!

Then tell your friends to do the same.

Then vote at your polling place June 5th ... for Ron Paul!

Postmarked by 5/21 is OK

See the bottom of Page 13 here:

And here (Your registration must be postmarked no later than May 21, 2012):

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Good correction, but ... keep

Good correction, but ... keep in mind that we are relying a government run office to get it done, so I hope people don't wait till May 21st to send it in. No time like the present!


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California is NOT winner-take-all

Also, California is winner take all by county, it is not a winner-take-all state.

For each county Ron Paul wins, he will get 3 delegates.

Not by county

California is winner take all by CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT.

There are also 10 at large delegates that will be awarded to the overall statewide winner.

winner take all by district?

so this is better than I thought - we must work on districts - we really must get all the Blue Republicans and Independents to re-register and vote Ron Paul on June 5.

we have 10 days.

Ron Paul ... forever.


for the Republic!

For Liberty!