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May 8 GOP Primaries: Indiana, West Virginia, North Carolina - Open Thread

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The FIX is in

Look at the numbers in each state, county by county.

EVERY county, Romney has over 50%. There are no anomalies. Not one.

READ THIS: "It's like someone set a program running Romney at a 70% average, with a standard deviation of 10% and a 20% limit either way." NOW RECHECK THE NUMBERS.

Do you notice that trend also?

The northern and rural counties tend to swing towards RP in nearly every state, not necessarily winning the county, but showing well. I don't see any of that here. These numbers look generated.

So, if anyone was wondering if they cheat, hopefully this post will help you. No rural bumps for RP or Santorum. Someone in the RNC forgot to allow for those.


after campaigning my a** off here in WV all year ( actually the last 5 years) ,including having a sign wave all day today,making sure people got to the polls and then seeing these results i am just sick to my stomach ,i am seriously planning on leaving this God for sake'n welfare,entitlement state ,i'm really sick at this point!!!!!

Even if the Paul turn-out was

Even if the Paul turn-out was large, you can't get past the e-voting machines.


They are bound.. I understand we could maybe refuse to vote first round but I sure hope your right because if the Tampa Convention turns out to be just like the rest of this Corrupting. I'm just going to give up and move to another Country. We are winning most of the delegates. The Beauty Contest one big joke controlled by rigged machines.


From the looks of some of these comments we've got a lot of people here who lose hope very easily.You should try converting to Christianity.A rock solid Christian never loses hope. ON TO TAMPA!!!! I don't care about the thumbs down either.

Some see things as they are and say why,but i dream things that never were and say why not. Robert F. Kennedy

Don't get yer knickers in a twist!

I don't even watch these voting shananigans. We all know they are manipulated by TPTB.
Wait until the delegates are chosen, you will save yourself much stress.

Why would they change up their strategy now?
Cheaters and frauds, now and forever.

It still would have been nice

It still would have been nice for Ron, Rand or Ronnie to have a rally in these states before the vote.. People DO need to be reminded Ron Paul is still running, at least the majority of the Fox News watching, AM Radio, voting sheep!


Diebold decides all.

Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. - Ben Franklin


This is a wonderful website for petitions in general. The Ron Paul ones are particularly interesting.

http://www.change.org/petitions#search/ron paul

It doesnt mean diddly.

We win when we are present to participate and observe and if needed to smack down the cheaters. Black box voting has got to go, how can he draw crowds like the Dali Lama at the rally's yet hes behind a candidate who isn't even in the race anymore in WV. What a farce, lets not lose site of the objective, attend the DC's, vote for the Liberty slate and we will prevail.

"Freedomless, Will work for Liberty"

The Lama is a

The Lama is a communist/marxian sympathizer you know


lol, the Lama sympathizes

lol, the Lama sympathizes with everyone. Men of peace usually do.

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Whoa wait now wait a second time out...

Do they really expect us to believe that in three completely different states that Romney has 65% percent (give or take a few) in every single county in every state and that Ron Paul and Santorum are essentially tied in every county in every state??? Really?!? REALLY?!??


OH MY GOD ! Really !
AHHH!! This makes me so MAD!

No One But Ron Paul 2012!

the worse part is

The percentages are almost always the same weather itz 1%, 20%, 67%, or 99% and in the states where they did exit polling the 2000 people xpd matches the percentage of the 5000000 or 1000000 people that cast a vote. How can the percentages match that close?

Occupy Bilderberg 2012 Arrest em all

Do sheep ask questions?

If a person votes for Paul, did they really vote for Paul?
If a sheep votes for Santorum do they feel good about themselves?

My thoughts exactly!

I am sitting here thinking "how dumb do I look?"


Susie 4 Liberty's picture

Me, too!

And I want someone to 'perfect' the voting machine - that can't manipulated...

Susie 4 Liberty

If they ask you

Why is ron paul getting all the delegates but not popular votes you say "Election Fraud doesn't get you delegates"

You can't conjure people out

You can't conjure people out of thin air.

The Revolution Has Just Begun

...just out from Intelhub...sorry if already posted. It is great and all about what is happening with delegates.



seriously, are they even trying?

Does anyone else find it strange that the percentages from 3 completely different state are almost exactly the same among the four candidates on the ballots? IN: Paul and Santorum both at 14 percent and Gingrich is 7%, WV Paul and Santorum both at 11 percent and gingrich at 7%, and NC Paul and Santorum at 11 percent with Gingrich at 7%. seriously, does this not sound suspicious to anyone!!!!!(indiana is at 60% reporting)

It's beyond suspicious. There is no way Santorum could equal

Paul ANYWHERE in this country after dropping out. Never happened before in history. Its a fraud.

Do something. Count your vote. Go to www.ronpaulvotecount.org

people think Paul dropped out too

The thing is that because of the media black-out everyone thinks Paul dropped out too. SO, it makes sense.

However, I am going to go look at the numbers because from what people are saying it is too uniform across very different states and geographies. Maybe they changed how they are fixing it after being caught in the early states!

For instance, after Michelle Bachmann dropped out in her

own home state, Minnesota, she got less than .5% of the vote.

i have watched all the states...

come in over the last several months, and there do seem to be remarkable trends. it seems some central authority has just decided to give Ron Paul 10% in every primary state. Look back to Iowa and New Hampshire when we won entire counties due to activist efforts and a favorable population. Since then, it seems RP gets 8-14 percent in every county across the land- even when there's only 100-200 voters! I think they do vote flipping in caucus states, but I believe that these are algorithmic programs working in primary states.

Not that we would win the states, though what Mittens voters would even bother to go out and cast a ballot for the Massachusetts moderate when the race is supposedly over?

75K voters in North Carolina went to vote for candidates who have dropped out? It just doesnt make sense psychologically. Usually you'd see 1-3% tops show out at the polls for a protest vote (sigh....)

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NC had other things on the ballot

the higher turnout in North Carolina was for other things....not the Presidential race. Since they were voting....well you see the results.

In NC people are already out

In NC people are already out at the polls for voting against gay marriage in their state. In Indiana the voters are out for a 'tea party' candidate to defeat their longtime establishment senator. That is why the turnout is high. While they are at the polls they push the button for Romney probably as an afterthought


Perhaps it reflects the

Perhaps it reflects the national polling? I don't think there's any reason that Romney would be getting under 50% in a state at this point and Paul has been getting about those percentage numbers in most states before tonight.

Don't get your piggy pageant

Don't get your piggy pageant panties all in a bunch over this...

EVEN IF Ron Paul WON all three primaries tonight, THEY DO NOT MATTER!

State delegate conventions matter!

Remember Iowa, Washington, Nevada, Maine, Alaska, Minnesota, Missouri, Colorado, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Washington?

June 9th is the state delegate convention in Indiana.

June 3rd is the state delegate convention in North Carolina.

Don't be surprised when Ron Paul WINS these two states and the media plays stupid.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.