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Caucus System vrs. Popular Vote

Our forefathers designed our system of election as a representative republic. The premise being a purely democratic "popular" vote can be rigged either by the actual vote counting or by the use of privately owned press to guide the masses.

A representative republic provides safeguards against a mob rule vote. Only those with enough interest and who are willing to do research are the ones who make the decision on presidential nominees. A similar process is used in the general election with the electoral college.

Keep that in mind as the news media tries to spin congressman Paul's victories as "hijackings" etc. Your best way to be informed is to watch the conventions yourself, or yourself become involved. The best voter is an informed voter. To be truly informed, get information straight from the proverbial horse's mouth. I posted links for all to watch the state conventions in both Maine and Nevada. Paul won both almost entirely. The best thing to do is to watch them for yourself and then analyze what you witness compared to what is presented by the news regarding the events. Draw your own conclusions.

Also note the fair and balanced news media always interjecting "he won't win", "he can't win", "hasn't won a single state" and every other dig they can toss in there. Fair and balanced? Not with the farthest stretch of the imagination...cleverly deceitful and manipulative is more accurate.

Here is the truth regarding the primary process thus far: Only 4 states have completed their delegate selection process. Delegates are who go to Tampa in August to vote for the nominee at a national republican convention. The democrats do this in much the same way, although this year they are running their incumbent Obama. Of the four states to have finished so far, Ron Paul has won 3. Please view the proceedings yourself before taking the information regarding these from the "news" as factual.

For the "news" to have begun stating the winner prior to any state finalizing their process is very irresponsible at the very least. They are well aware of how the process works; having covered the process in other elections for many years. Hard to say what the motive of their "presumptive nominee" so early in the process is. Also note the RNC providing any type of support to a candidate running before the nomination process is complete is against their own rules but they are doing it.

It all just makes you wonder huh? What's really going on? Paul's ideas of ending the fed, sound money, stopping unconstitutional undeclared wars, bringing our troops home etc. seem to have put the entire establishment into overdrive to try and stop him. We the people will win this. Mitt Romney supporters have every opportunity same as the Paul supporters to participate in the caucus process if they feel so inclined. From watching the events aired live, it is clear that the Romney supporters who do participate do not tend to play by the rules and thus far tried dirty tricks to alter the outcome of the caucus votes....To include dressing as Paul supporters and passing out fake slates of delegates to split the Paul vote, putting additional people in the room after the initial credential check and deadline, challenging every vote up to five times in defiance of the results, and making frivolous motion after motion to simply disrupt the process. Of course the "news" tells a different story....again...please watch these live and draw your own conclusions..don't even take my word for it.....look for yourself.

Also note that of the four states to have finished their state conventions so far, Romney won a majority in North Dakota. Paul won a majority in Colorado, although all news sources list Paul's delegates as "undecided" and Paul would have likely swept Colorado if it wasn't for the fake slate strategy of the Romney campaign which diluted the vote in CO and won it for them in ND. In Maine and Nevada, Paul won nearly all the delegates, swept both. So there's the facts, feel free to investigate them yourself then ask yourself why the media does not disclose all this in full? Are they unaware or ignorant of these facts? I think not.

End the end, unless simply participating in the causus because told to, those who do participate favor Paul because they have done their own research.

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I put this out there on my facebook account

Granted, I'm not a fan of facebook, but perhaps people will see it and it will wake them up. I do have a lot of freinds and family on there. Anyone and everyone is free to repost this on whatever social media source they can if you think it will help explain things to those who are under the spell of the mass media.