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Ron Paul race truck in Texas

Hey everyone, my husband drives a NASCAR Pro Truck in TX and we have stripped it down ready for new paint. We will be trying hard to find the sponsorship to race the 19th of may in Kyle,TX which brings in about 3000 people from Austin metro, Houston metro and San Antonio metro areas. We are looking for Ideas on stuff to put on the truck, it will be the Ron Paul Revolution truck. I have a preliminary layout, but would like critique and more Ideas. I know we can't afford to go with printed car wrap graphics, so the ideas need to stay in a cut vinyl fashion.
Just so you understand the demographic, it will be mostly MSM watching types that are probably already registered republican voters. I think this is a great opportunity to show them the truth about Ron Paul, we will pass out brochures or comparison sheets as well as give away free bumper stickers.
Also, if anyone is interested in donating, I will put your name on the truck as room allows. I just made a Chip-In http://revolutiontruck.chipin.com/ron-paul-truck-race-in-texas
This is the prelim mock up... need more ideas.

We have raised $225.48 so far from some Awesome DPers and I wanted to say thank you.

New Pictures
Painted, now we are ready to install decals tomorrow.

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bump for coolness


"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

Public Relations Consulting

JM, Have you contacted Pay Pal? That donation ticker should be

working, especially since Pay Pal gets a percentage of your take. When it works, it is a motivator for those contributing to your goal. I see it has gone from 4 hrs to 2 hrs. I didn't think 2 hrs had passed already but maybe it has.



I can see the supporters donations, the total now is $420



( :


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i saw our names on the truck
we are definitely nationwide now :)
thank you very much jacky

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression

Thank you

Without you guys, we would be a much tougher situation for this race.


nice, very nice.

bump for sponsors.

Powered by Black Gold!

As a homage to the old TV show Beverly Hillbillies theme song where they go "Black Gold, Texas Tea," how about having a decal that says powered by Black Gold or p_AU_l powered where AU is the symbol for gold.

I just whipped this up. If you want to use it, let me know.


Good job on the artwork. Did you just sponsor my truck for $25? I will find a spot to put your artwork on the truck :) Thanks!!


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WOW!!!! My husband and three boys

would be THRILLED to see pics when it's done. Please keep us posted! For sure it'll be my new desktop wallpaper. :)



a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

We have finished painting

the truck, we will be installing decals tomorrow. I posted updated pics of the truck, will post more tomorrow after the decals are on.
Any last minute ideas on quotes on the truck? Maybe we should do either the "Let it not be said" quote or the "Truth is treason" quote. What do y'all think?

We raised $185 out of the $1500, we will still race by spending whatever we can afford ourselves, but we will not be able to get new tires :( that will hinder our chances at a win, but that's ok, we will make a good showing!!!

I want to thank the guys that helped us out, I have a special spot on the truck for your names.


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paypal acct

cannot access my paypal acct
is there any other way to chip in
we love this idea?

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression

A Check maybe?

:) how far away are you? actually, PM me, I got a way.


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a PM

not sure if dp has that feature,but did send you an email
using your contact page.we live here in mich

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression

Thank you

So much for the donation!!!


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you are very welcome

wish it could have been more,but since bush the lesser's
2nd term it has gotten really hard(as we all have found out)
it was nice talking to you and your hubby
i cannot for the life of me understand why the pitcrews have to pay
to get in(other than it being sanctioned by nascar)
even on smaller tracks all involved got in free,other than the entrance fee


setting your expectations to high,can cause depression

Not here

the pit crew is $25 per person per night (practice and race nights) $300, car and driver $100, gas $150, if we get tires $480, had to buy parts to get it race ready $389, paint and primer $300, decals $150. That is almost $1900 just for this race. I am pretty sure we can't buy the new tires so we will race with what we have now.
This is going to be difficult on us financially because we are also delegates to the state convention so more money there.
I know one thing is for sure, nobody can say I sat back and did nothing for the cause of liberty!


oops, double post

I deleted


I am in for $20.12. c'mon Guys, pony up.

This is Legit, and we need a win in Tejas!
I do not know these people personally, but I did order some T-shirts from them....last fall? something like that. they showed up and everything was cool.
let's do this!

Thanks HVACTech

as a matter of fact I donated everything from the t-shirts to the official campaign, even my upfront costs :) I would do anything to help Dr. Paul!


I know, and at the end of the day.

if you don't make the entrance fee.... toss my money in with the beer fund.

We will race regardless,

A little help wouldn't hurt though. The truck may not look as good either. But I will put out all the money myself if I have to because we have already committed. WTH, the mortgage can wait one month for liberty, right? :)


Ron Paul Art

i looked at the paint scheme for your truck, and it is a great starting point.
I was looking at the big open space (the tonneau cover), and I thought to myself, 'Self, what could these good people put here, that would convey the message of fealty, loyalty, strength, and the idea that WE WILL NOT GIVE UP until the battle is finished, and WE ARE VICTORIOUS?'
I have several pictures saved in my 'pictures', but since this is not an email format, I could not send them to you.
HOWEVER, I found a link to one of these pictures, HERE:

You might need a true artist who is experienced with the techniques of air-brushing, but there are a lot of artists out there, in this nation of States, that also support Ron Paul (as you may well be aware of). I would wager that you might find one where YOU are located, who might be willing to donate talent to this project.
OF COURSE, there are several hundred other pics to choose from, and this one is not MY first choice.
If the venues have a 'grandstand seating area', the side view will NOT be the most memorable (as the peeps will be looking DOWN to the TOP of this truck), so the Tonneau cover art placement might perhaps be more effective that anything else.

Your husband should WIN (even if he doesn't win the 'race', he will win the hearts and minds of the eligible voters).

Just an IDEA...


those are some pretty good ideas.....

I had not thought of the fact that most people would be looking down on the truck....
bump for more ideas.

I got your email

Thank you for taking the time to email me back and thanks for sending it to AJ.


Red Flip flops vs Military Boots

Kick Obama to the curb with...
These (Pic of red hammer and sickle brand flip flops)
Or THESE (Pic of military boots)?
I'll take the VETERAN!
Ron Paul

You have to have the Daily Paul .com on there

and you need.. "END THE FEDERAL RESERVE!" And you need.. "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS BRING EM HOME NOW!" And you need.. "END THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL WARS!" And you need.. "YOU TUBE RON PAUL TODAY!" And you need.. "NO MORE STATUS QUO" And you need.."GOT PAUL?" And you need.."HIT ME IF YOU HATE ROMNEY" And you need.. A Uncle Sam Poster with UNCLE RONNY saying I WANT YOU..TO VOTE FOR ME And you need.....a bigger damn truck! Im just starting to warm up girl!! Can you guys get into a BUS RACE?? I have a ton more ideas..Ron Paul at the head of a conveyor belt with a Sledge Hammer over his head smashing the Fed. the IRS, the Wall St. Bankers, OBAMA, ROMNEY... How awesome would that be??

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how about

"Vote Ron Paul, Get a Free Country" across the bumper?