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Christian Alert: Obama Admits Fabrications

This just out in Christian Alerts:


And, of course, if one *fabricates* (another way of saying lies) and justifies it as as okay in order to make a point (end justifies the means) what else would he lie about in order to make a point?

Also, note the side bar items and then, finally, put Ron Paul in the search function for a nice surprise.

Yes, *Truth* is important to Christians. Not fabrications. Not flip flopping.

Christian Alerts go to many people. I predict that while perhaps all the shepherds (pasters/rabbis, etc.) may not come around to Ron Paul, very rapidly their flocks are gravitating to the real shepherd of liberty while learning a great deal about following their hearts, seeking the truth and walking their talk.

They are waking up to liberty and Ron Paul. Soon, like Doug Wead, they will all sleep better at night once they rid themselves of that pesky, down in the gut feeling that *something* is not right.

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