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I Am Now A Victim of the War on Drugs *UPDATE*

Many of you are aware of my continuing struggle against 3 felony charges for growing plants. If you want details or want to get up to date on the story, let me know.

So, after 8 months, we finally got our preliminary hearing to see if the state had probable cause for the felony charges.

We will find out in 10 days if the charges will be dropped due to suppression of evidence based on a 4th amendment violation.

Long story short...I had to share with you the arresting officer's reasoning for taking me away during the search and inventory, which was a violation of the warrant. I was supposed to be present, but they took me to jail anyways. Their reasoning for taking me to jail and violating the warrant, was that I was causing a commotion because I had a Ron Paul bracelet on, and he was a Presidential candidate that advocated marijuana legalization. That was their reason for violating the warrant.

So, things are looking up, I think.

I will give you more details as they come.

Thanks friends in liberty!!