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PoliceState Ineptitude in Action: Surface-to-Air Missiles for London Olympics 'Security' left UNATTENDED!

London’s Olympic Security Plan Includes Plenty of Unsupervised Surface to Air Missiles

Posted on May 7, 2012 by Dan Zimmerman

The land of Hope and Glory, so averse to its subjects protecting themselves with firearms of their own, is getting things in order for all the attention, honor and financial windfall that comes with hosting the 2012 Olympic Summer Games. Part of all that preparation: stationing surface to air missile batteries around the capital. Londoners who don’t appreciate having high explosives and potential terrorist targets on their roofs are free to pound sand. And now ITN News has aired an example of the meticulous care and planning that’s gone into securing the Olympic environs . . .

The video shows stacks of shoulder-fired SAMs and other fixins piled in a residential area and left unattended while the squaddies take a break and pop off to their local for a pint or two.

When asked about the abandoned ordnance, all the Ministry of Defense could muster was a harrumph, a couple of snorts and the pathetically transparent story that what the reporter filmed were really dummies. Uh huh.


The Statist Farce of Security Theater and Fear-for-Fear-Sakes PoliceState Hysteria in action:

UK Military leaves shoulder-fired Surface to Air Missiles (SAM) left unattended in a London street alley, until a reporter comes across it, and videotapes their callousness!

Their excuse? 'Oh we knew about it: the SAM's were just dummy rounds!'

Guess who the real dummies are: the gullible sheeple populace who buy into this security theater crap.

Yes, real or dummy rounds, for no reason, in the 2nd Amendment averse British culture the UK Military left armaments unattended and unguarded laying around, as if having a shiny military goody in middle of an urban alleyway ISN'T likely to be stripped for parts, stolen, and/or sold on the black markets.

While I am inclined to observe this as a genuine case of incompetence, but of course as with anything police state, they could have conceivably also done this on purpose, to give an excuse to lock down the city even further than they already are, for security, after they 'accidentally' left it laying around, availing it TO BE stolen, in the first place.

Problem. Reaction. Solution.

Ah the State, being a statist means never having to say sorry, or apologize, or actually be accountable for one's own 'incompetence.'

Also, do people stop to think that even if there were some genuine non-false flagged airborne threat, without a realistic, practical possibility of simultaneously being able to evacuate 100's of thousands to millions of Londoners and tourists alike safely (as if the State is ever concerned about people's safety) under such scenario ('cause as we all know London is as un-congested, wide and open as the American Midwest LOL), what good are having SAM's, in the unlikely chance that it actually does intercept it, if the fiery or toxic debris are more than likely to rain down onto the Olympic spectators below anyway, as there is no way to guarantee the falling trajectory of destroyed debris??

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