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CIA stops new underwear bombing attempt

Didn't it come out that the first underwear bomber ended up being an FBI sting operation? Seem the Government has to create it's own terrorist plots to foil in order to keep all the people scared and accepting of all the money spent and all our liberties being crushed. What a joke!


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its sad I can't watch the news without being infuriated anymore.

Watching Anderson Cooper.. and I really can't bear watching this anymore. Every news network drills home the same points over and over. "And it was non-metallic, right? so airport metal detectors wouldn't have detected it." and "They don't know if the body scanners are able to stop these new and improved underwear bombs."

A real reporter might ask... Why are their absolutely no details on this incident?? Why is it I can't find out where this event took place? Or the name of the suspect?? Why is their not a single identified direct source for this story?? With the FBI using 'stings' on a regular basis, couldn't one wonder whether this could be a similar event? With reports of the bodyscanners being total failures, are they just finding a new reason to replace them rather than admit they were worthless? Wasn't the last undie bomber helped?

---“The failure rate (for body scanning equipment) is classified but it would absolutely knock your socks off,” Florida Republican, Rep. John L. Mica told reporters during a briefing Monday. http://www.infowars.com/congressman-secret-report-on-tsa-pat...

Imagine an army of Benn Swann's that could replace theses idiots that have never practiced journalism in their entire propaganda spewing careers. The News would be News. Then maybe the Government wouldn't get away with this crap.


The insidious "Taint Bomber" strikes again!
What a joke!

Snort chuckle huff guffaw

doorkeepJd linked to an NRP article below. Check out some of the comments! :-)

X.Z. Bishop (Zita) wrote:
"I suspect the person was wearing Fruit of the Boom."

Becky Robertson (BeckyGirl) wrote:
"Clearly the only logical, rational solution to these terroristic underwear bombers is to BAN ALL UNDERWEAR ON AIRPLANES!!!

This is such an obvious solution. Then the only people left wearing underwear will be terrorists and it will be easier to spot them. They will have to have rigid enforcement, for both men and women, making sure no one is wearing any kind of panties of underwear onto an airplane. I prefer to be inspected by hand by only the handsomest TSA agents please, not the Mall Cop looking crew that I usually find checking me out as I walk barefoot on the nasty airport floor while my slip on ballet flats are being xrayed.

No more panties or underwear on planes for me, regardless of how short my skirt may or may not be, its the only way to keep the terrorists from winning. Who else thinks BANNING UNDERWEAR is clearly the OBVIOUS solution?"

"Why ban underwear? Make everyone fly nude. Then we would only have to worry about boob bombs."

tim robinson-ayer (regularjoe) wrote:
"CIA Thwarts New, More Sophisticated Underwear Bomber

Now fortified with BEANS....beans beans the magical fruit."

Seriously though, it's time to report every comment supporting this kind of crap. Use the "Report Abuse" button liberally and often!

How much you wanna bet that poor ess-oh-bee had mental issues?

Those are the ones the govt. prey on for these jobs. All of these false flag guys have mental illness.

As Criticiziim of the TSA Heats Up..

As Criticiziim of the TSA Heats Up and dwindling support for the wars in the middle east.. We were about due for one of these. The first one there was witnesses, two attorneys (Kurt Haskell & Wife), that saw a man in a suit get the underwear bomber through security without a passport. They haven't 'admitted' it was a sting. Right after the 'bust' Michael Chertoff was all over the news pushing the body scanners he had a stake in.

Several other 'terror plots' are openly reported as stings. They often use undercovers or ex-con informants to talk the suspects into it. Often times they are mentally ill or drug addicted. Then they give them defective bombs (just like the underwear guy) before saving the world from another close call... therefore justifying the billions spent on spying on our own citizens and the trampling of liberties. More people will die from the radiation from those stupid scanners than terrorists attacks.

Ever wonder why America saw every minute of the OJ Trial, Cassey Anthony, Michael Jackson's Doctor, even Zimmerman's Bond hearing.... But never do they televise or even report transcripts from any terrorist trial or their sham military tribunals??

DP member Kurt Haskell


"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul



Pardon my blunt language here

This almost sounds like a euphemism for crapping ones pants. Yes, and Mitt Romney takes pills that make his bowel movements smell like bakery fresh cinimmon buns.

You know how moms always ask if you

have on clean underwear - in case you get into a car accident?

Well, moms will have to add in case you plan to fly because it looks like a special TSA force will be needed to remove and inspect those tighty-whities.

Wonder if they can advertise for that position on a pizza box too?

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We probably just need to

We probably just need to spend more on security and maybe add another half dozen new federal agencies with three letter names.

How about this one?

TSA BVD division
I don't fly anymore...haven't in 25 years.
I would never subject myself to these scumbags!
As a Christian, I must stop typing now!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

hahah...BVD division,

hahah...BVD division, brilliant!

JFK. LBJ and FDR would approve!

ecorob's picture

the politics of fear...

the politics of hate...the politics of division

it will only end when we, the people CHOOSE for it to end

Ron Paul
America's choice!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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9/11 Truth.

Was that story in the fiction section of the newspaper?

Just wondering.

Have you ever traveled to a third world country?

Many have brand spanking new xray machines (supplied by the US government) that they dutifully pass your luggage through - while nobody even looks at the monitor.

At one I visited only a few people had to go through the metal detector (also US government supplied) most went around it. And some of these flights are US bound.

My point is that if somebody really wanted to get a bomb on a plane in a third world country it wouldn't be very difficult. So why don't they? Maybe because the threat is 100% fabricated and nobody really WANTS TO, despite what our government tells us to keep us frightened.

Given the fact that third world security is generally so lax - why would a terrorist develop an elaborate bomb to fit in their underwear when there are so many easier ways? They wouldn't of course.

So why the sudden interest in underwear bombs? Its propaganda designed to terrorize US and so that we will be that much more cooperative when TSA decides to grope our genitals.

We already know that genital groping is simply a way of government to exert its power over us and dehumanize us. But we protest. By making underwear bombs seem like a legitimate threat we are supposed to be more cooperative when they choose to sexually assault us.

The government that cried wolf

Why should any one believe them after all the lies?

Oh Lord, what will the TSA

Oh Lord, what will the TSA start doing to us now?? I don't even want to think about it.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

These Boys keep

crying Wolf.

Is that a bomb in your pants

or are you just glad to see me?

That was my thought too

I'm currently reading "Family Of Secrets". It makes it very hard to take the CIA "at their word".

Amazing how well

they can stop the ploys which they are orchestrating, isn't it?

I wonder what would happen if there ever was a real terrorist event that they didn't know about and perpetrate themselves?

It's quite possible there has never been one.

The more research I do, it sure seems that various "terrorist" attacks that have occured in my lifetime have all had some serious questions regarding the facts...when presented to the public.

I agree

If terrorist really wanted to hit this country they could do it very cheaply and easily. Jesse Ventura explained how easy it would be for a small group of trained individuals to paralyze this whole nation in his interview with Donny Deutsch.

(go to the 6:45 mark)

Comments are a hoot in that article

This is the one that captures it best:

Corinne Regets
...om f*ng GOD, you F*ng idiots are at it again??? Just stop...please, just fu*ng STOP... No one believes you anymore. PLEASE, fu*ng stop with the stupid sh*t, I can't comment anymore... un-f*kng believeable!!!

The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein

Evil Propaganda.

How much more blatant can they get shy of saying we need the TSA and it's awful 'imaging technology.'

"They said the device did not contain metal, meaning it probably could have passed through an airport metal detector."

Good grief...

Does that mean "pat-downs" for everyone now?

Go up-vote the sensible

Go up-vote the sensible comments and refute those begging for bigger government to protect us from the Muslims. Although tedious, the work of freeing minds is necessary. I have noticed that some of the same characters makes the same nonsensical comments over and over.