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Youtube of my friend being foreceably detained by police for taking a picture.

Would like your feedback in the youtube video.

Pretty sure the cops messed this up bad. He had a broken arm during this altercation.


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he owns the property funny enough I think

Also wanted to add that before the video started rolling, we asked if he was being detained. Cop said no. he was refusing to answer his questions however and got assulted when he tried to take the picture.

Ron Paul 2012!

How about some background.

How about some background. Why were the cops there?

Why were the cops there in

Why were the cops there in the first place?

Because a family member who didnt like him

Didnt want him at the cottage. They called and said something to the effect of, hes causing a disturbance. Well we were the only ones there.

Ron Paul 2012!

Probably no reason to arrest him

for being at the family owned cottage,but Most certainly those boots are a reason for arrest.Just hope Bubba isn't his celly when he gets downtown...ewwwwwwww.

Who owns the property?

Who owns the property?