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My Physical Therapist told me that Ron Paul would not win

After injuring my back I am going to PT 3 times a week. Today I wore my Ron Paul teeshirt, which always strikes up conversations and opportunities to education and wake people up.

My Physical Therapist said, you know that he isn't going to win don't you? I said,Do you really think he won't win? He won the Louisiana delegates. He said,Yes, but he doesn't have the support to win.

Maybe you are right. If you support Romney I know that you approve of making bets because he bet $10000 without blinking an eye.

I told him, if Ron Paul wins I want one free month of PT. Well, he thought about it and backed down. I said if you were 100% sure that he couldn't win, you would take that bet. In reality, you aren't sure are you? I think that most of the GOP are scared also. Well, he wasn't sure if he liked Ron Pauls ideals.

I said I understood. I liked 50% of Romney's ideals. Some of the ones he had in 2008 and 2012. He is for and against most important issues, but I don't know what he is going to do.

I said, I personally love Obama's ideals. You know, the ones that he talked about in 2008. Get us out of war, lower the National debt. He had great ideals, but he didn't deliver.

SO that is just one reason that I am supporting Ron Paul. He is a man of his word. He doesn't say things just to get elected.

I am going to wear my tee shirt again to the next workout.

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Wow... if even he thinks we can't win, then maybe we should

just give up now.

So...will you apologize to

So...will you apologize to your physical therapist when Ron Paul doesn't win? Or do you not have that much integrity?

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We've already won

We've already won

Where are the Romney supporters willing to wager?

Had a friend from work ask over lunch whether I still supported Dr. Paul, and I unbuttoned my shirt to reveal my Veteran for Paul tee. He scoffed and offered to bet money that Ron Paul would not be the next president. He said how about $50.

I said, I'll take that bet--you donate $50 to the latest Ron Paul money bomb and if he is not elected president in November, I'll give you $100. He wouldn't take the bet. He's not so sure! Nobody is sure! This was two weeks ago Friday. The groundswell is only getting bigger and the doubt is getting more feverish!

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

You could get much better odds than those:

The Romney supporters are betting that Romney is 95% likely to win the nomination; you can grab the other side -

By Buying:
Ron Paul to be Elected Republican Nominee (currently at 3%)

Ron Paul to be Elected President (currently at 3%)

And selling:
Romney to be Elected Republican Nominee (currently at 95%)

It's not really worth betting against Romney being elected president... he's already getting only 36%!

Watching Ron Paul on YouTube

is how I converted a patient of mine. We were talking local politics and I asked him who was his man for President... he said he wasn't sure but was a registered Democrat... I said well my guy never voted for a pay raise, against the "un"patriot act, never voted to raise taxes, wants to cut the budget ... he said why isnt he running... I said HE IS... HE IS... HE IS RON PAUL. Pushed him to youtube him on the Congress floor and listen to him ... it was too late to switch parties but on election day he said I WROTE HIM IN... to send a message... I asked him ... you spreading the love?!!! He said he has become a Ron Paul Supporter... one by one we can wake a nation...


I'd get a new physical therapist

I am not done with him yet

At the end of the conversation, others were listening. Especially when I said, I loved Obama, the one that ran in 2008, but he can't deliver and we are worse off. I won't make that mistake again.

I will vote only for Ron Paul. I will write him in if necessary, but I know that at the age of 60 I need him to win for me, my children and grandchildren.

And that was another comment I heard. "We thought that only young people supported him." I told them I also took an 88 year old with me to vote for Ron Paul. He was born in England and has been an American citizen for 35 years. He can't stand the thought that we may have National Health. Didn't they learn from Canada and England?



Therapist Blackout ;)

Money talks, spend it wisely!

Great come-backs, loved

Great come-backs, loved reading this, made me laugh how easy you got that person really thinking.

Those who say, "He can't

Those who say, "He can't win", are just repeating the media mantra without having examined any of the facts. When they find out that the media has deliberately prevented them from knowing the facts they become defensive as they try to convince themselves that their beliefs are their own - and well-justified.

I ask them

"Who'd you hear that from? The media, who wants Obama to win, so badly, you can see them straining for it? We say they lie and have a liberal bias all the time. And now you trust them on this?" And if they say that Fox is different, I tell them that their treatment of Paul is the same. If Fox is so different, why are they treating Romney the same as CNN, who we know is in the tank for him?"

Poor guy

He's delusional.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

Monkey see, monkey do

Television reporters constantly say, "Ron Paul can't win."

Television victims constantly repeat, "Ron Paul can't win."

Bravo! Way to not back down!

Don't let them catch us flinching, call their bluff! They have no idea if Paul can win, they're just parroting what the tv tells them. Rock their world view!


"What made you say that?"

We know it's coming from the media 'programming'/brainwashing, but maybe you can get them to see that they've had ideas inserted into their mind.

My "really smart" PhD brother told me that Romney had the delegates sown up a while back. I asked what made him think that when the delegate selections were just getting underway. His response, with a completely straight face, was "if TV says he's going to win, that's how it is." So, at least he knows that 'TV' is telling him what to think. But, since he's so very 'smart', he thinks he's figured it out all by himself.

We are up against a lot, but the tide is turning.

You have to get them to snap out of it - even a little - before you can make much progress.

Good luck, never quit.

A picture tells a thousand words...

Here's the picture I give to naysayers. Found it in a comment by one of us, responding to a disparaging NY Times article. (Have fun observing the facial expression when it registers.) http://i.imgur.com/UvJTT.jpg

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Called his Bluff


Oh and "He said, Yes, but he doesn't have the support to win." That is a myth. Ron doesn't have the standard, party line, Neocon / RINO support, OK, we'll concede that. That's in the process of changing from the inside out. But when you match Ron up with Obama...survey says, Ron can win. Your trainer's kind of thinking needs to be challenged.

Most Americans aren't paying squat attention to the election at this point - many if not most have resolved themselves to 4 more years of Obama. Or else, we're not changing the Presidency, we're just changing the condom - Romney.

They'll wake up soon enough IMHO.

Don't you find it

interesting when a person is really pressed to answer WHY Ron Paul won't win and the person can't really come up with anything substantial?

They are simply parroting the MSM, etc.

Think for yourselves people!
It's liberating!!!

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Tell him you want your records

and find a good competent chiropractor.

E Pluribus Unum

My brother-in-law says the same thing...

But after 3 hours of going back and forth and with the passion in my heart and the history of hell we have been through because of the crooks and on and on, and I mean ON AND ON, 3 hours of debate for gosh sakes, he is a hard as* big time, and a nay sayer for years, I FINALLY got him to promise he will vote for Dr. Paul.
Holy cr@p, I was wiped out, but after watching the live streams of Nevada and Maine, its well worth it!
I'll keep fighting the good fight!
I told my daughter, if I was to die tomorrow, on my death bed I would tell her I love her and to vote Ron Paul!

How long until your primary?

Or maybe you already had it? Anyway, keep chipping away at him. He may surprise you.

Santorum won LA primary

Santorum won a majority. We were supposed to have the causus first, but the LAGOP changed the dates, which they thought would be to Romney's advantage. But as you know RON PAUL WON. The LAGOP shortened the causus hours to 3 hours (9-noon ) and Paul's people are so dedicated we were going to be there, no matter what.

They said that Paul's people probably cheated because he didn't do well in the primary. I told them that it is amazing what Paul can do when there are paper ballots and witnesses when the votes are counted.


Wow, I've been looking for a way to say that as well as you did.

" I told them that it is amazing what Paul can do when there are paper ballots and witnesses when the votes are counted." It sounds way less whiny, and it's recognized proof.