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so, what do you guys think are our chances of stopping Bombney on the first ballot. because i think if we do that, we're golden.

i'm a little confused as to whether, with a certain number of delegates still bound to Romney in states like nevada, we have slowed Rombama's bound delegate accumulations to get to round 2.

Sure, a vote to unbind delegates in round one, or the ability to abstain would stop Obamney cold.

So again i ask, fellow dpers, will we be able to stop a round 1 romney win?

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Make no mistake this is the way it is

We have to have 1144 delegates in the end. That is written in stone. Without that number we can go home. We have to force a brokered convention. How do we do that? Any Ron Paul supporters who are Romney delegates will have to abstain from voting for Romney in the first round. Can they do that? Yes they can under rule 38 of the RNC. It was done in 2008. Bottom line it is the only chance we have. Just remember if Romney gets that 1144 on the first round then we are DONE. So if you are a RP supporter Romney delegate then you go into that convention and you abstain on the first vote. Do not let any one tell you that you can't. It is do or die here. Even if you do that it is still not going to be a cake walk. But if we can get a brokered convention then maybe we can start a feeding frenzy and bring some of the real Romney delegates over to our side.

Does it matter what are chances are?


vote count process

i don't know how the vote will be counted at the RNC, but there MUST be RP supporters around the count. In Maine, they had a Romney and Paul supporter counting votes together with both parties having observers in the room as well. I hope the voting process will be as transparent down in Tampa....

GOP Rule #11 - RNC Chairman breaks own rule.

If true then ALL delegates become UNBOUND due to Chairman's rule violation. 1st ballot / round 1 voters will then be free to choose from either candidates - Paul or Romney. Majority of the delegates will favor Paul as the results of his grass-root followers in Tampa, FL.

The RNC Chairman managed to shoot his own foot as well as Romney's with one shot. Welcome to the Ron Paul Revolution! You too Trolls!!

See link:

"For Life, For Liberty, and For Freedom, OUR MOVEMENT IS ONE... And We Will Change The Course of History!!"


know it's comming. They KNOW it is already over. But be prepared, they are NOT going to go down without a fight. The next President of the United States IS Ron Paul!

Presumptive enough?

Oh how are the mighty fallen.

Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

John Adams

Wow----Could you please make this into it's own thread?

Worth bringing to the headlines and chewing it over to make sure it can work.....not that you are incorrect by ANY means...just that it is so positive....how about sending THIS over to Rachel Maddow and Ben Swann?


Not without challenging the rules

Even if you assume we sweep Missouri at-large, Washington, Louisiana, Minnesota, and even Idaho, a huge if, Romney still has 700+ bound delegates (most selected by his campaign or allies in the party, so not many MA/VA/OK stealth situations).

Assume Ron wins every primary 45-40 with residual to Santorum or Newt (again, massive assumption). Romney wins proportional delegates in almost every state. 62 in TX, 25 in NC, more in AR, KY, OR, SD, NM. Assume Romney wins only 10 out of 53 districts in CA - another 30 delegates.

Now give Romney all 40 from Utah, all 50 from NJ (anyone want to argue we can win there?). Give Ron all of MT and NE which allocate at convention.

Romney's now somewhere between 1050 and 1100. He needs maybe 90 at worst, and there are about 120 unpledged superdelegates ready to back the establishment guy.

So even in this best of all possible worlds scenario he can lock it up, playing by their rules.

The funny thing is, you are

The funny thing is, you are getting downvoted even though you are being WAYYYYY to optimistic as it is. Giving Romney just 60 of Texas's delegates when he will get at least 100, and giving Romney just 10 of California's districts when he will likely get virtually ALL of them. Yet people are upset that you are being too harsh! The REALITY is, Romney will have well over 1300 BOUND delegates before the convention. Likely 1350 or more. Add another 120 super delegates, since every one that was going to go to Santorum or Gingrich will now go to Romney, and the unbound delegates that Romney will get, and it is far worse than anyone where wants to accept. But hiding your heads in the sand does not change the danger that is about to pounce on you from behind the tree.

What happens to you 1350 for

What happens to you 1350 for Romney when 207 or more of those delegates are actually Ron Paul supporters....what if by that time those delegates just can't see themselves voting for Romney. Strange thing this free will we have. Freedom!

"If you put a gun to my head and said vote Romney/Gingrich/Santorum...I would say pull the trigger!"

Except for one thing.....NOBODY LIKES ROMNEY and THAT'S

why WE are going to do the SAME THING that WARREN HARDING did.....he was LIKED and RON PAUL is LOVED LOVED LOVED! R3-VOLU-TION


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we've already won

we've already won

Yes We Can Stop 1144!!

WITHOUT abstaining or breaking the binding rules!

It will be tough but we can do it! The quick answer is we (all non-Romney delegates) need to mimic the original Nate Silver delegate estimate from here on out - very likely to happen as long as the non-Romney people continue to come out and vote, we do well in Texas and very well in California.

That and continued success at the State conventions are key. Washington and Louisiana are key. Missouri is a setback so far but even if we do poorly we can still block Romney.

That is the great news. Now even if don't do as well and have some set backs we can still block him by removing some of his bound delegates because of Florida, Arizona and Idaho are supposed to be proportional and illegally became winner take all. Challenge those and we take about 50 delegates from Romney.

If it is still not enough and we are very close then anything could happen. The point is, ROMNEY IS NO WHERE NEAR WINNING YET! Let's keep up the pressure and take this. I will post details tomorrow when I get a chance.

"If you put a gun to my head and said vote Romney/Gingrich/Santorum...I would say pull the trigger!"

You are breaking no rules

by abstaining. What do you not understand about rule #38. Even the GOP lawyers have said that states can not bind delegates. It was done in 2008. If you do not abstain then you are a dead duck. Don't listen to this guy. If you follow his advice then we are pure duck meat at the convention. If you are a RP supporter Romney delegate then you abstain and you listen to no one. It is your vote and you use it. Don't get caught up in this hype that this person is spreading.

w1945, I am on OUR side....my

w1945, I am on OUR side....my point is the ignorant average Repub (see almost all of them that vote for Romney) will think we are "breaking rules" especially if the delegates vote for Paul while bound to Romney. It is the perception. Abstention is a better route to not cause as much problems.

Some states binding rules are legislated, have fines associated with them. In more than 1 state they have the delegates sign an affidavit saying you will vote a certain way. So technically you would be "breaking rules" of that state.

Do rules, laws, etc from another state have bearing in your state? NOPE! So yes, technically no delegate is bound and can vote their conscience.

My fear is in the states where we don't have the majority if we go to caucus and vote against our binding they will have us replaced with alternates who support Romney. If you abstain they can't even say you are breaking their BS rules.

"If you put a gun to my head and said vote Romney/Gingrich/Santorum...I would say pull the trigger!"

What exactly about the last

What exactly about the last months since Santorum dropped out has you thinking that Ron Paul has a good chance of winning Texas OR California, let alone both? A poll came out after Santorum dropped out showing that Romney picked up half of Santorum's voters in Texas while Paul picked up only about 19%. And this was before Santorum endorsed him. And last week's primaries showed the same thing. That Romney is getting far more of the dropped out candidate's voters than anyone else. And considering Romney already HAD a 40 point lead over Ron Paul in California, I am curious to know where your optimism lies.

Beauty contest

do not count, only delegates count. These numbers you are throwing out or completely useless. It all comes down to who gets elected as delegates in Texas and California. Who will hang around and become a delegate. Romney's people will fly the coop because they are just not that dedicated to him in the first place. Ron Paul supporters will sit until the sun goes down if need be. So stop spreading the MSM lies on here. We do not need it. We have a hard enough time with the MSM without you bringing it on here. Do your self a favor and turn off your TV.

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how much does Romney pay you

to troll on this site

because we've already won

because we've already won

Keep A Close Eye On NC

Not just the big cities..but the rural areas (like mine). Ive been talking to people running for local offices...who say they secretly support Paul and will vote for him..but will not come out and say so..they say its the only chance they have to get in office.
They do not want their names known..and I will respect that..but they said fraud is already in the works..and 1 said crooks are getting help from the Gov. herself..They believe shes made a deal with Obama..so that means Romney has to take the Republicans here so Obama can beat him. They believe..and why..they didnt go into details but it sounded right..that the NC Gov. has a deal with Obama to get herself some perks.
I know they doing all they can to keep the NC lotto swindle hush hush..it seems lots of money is missing that should be going to the schools. Whispers of part of it going to Obama is starting to surface..but not in the media..of course.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina


“An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government.” ~ Ron Paul

Most of the remaining

Most of the remaining primaries have proportional delegate allocations, which is great for us and really bad for Romney.

14 States remain, 770 delegates are at stake. Only Utah, New Jersey, and California are winner take all states.

Romney currently has 784 delegates. He needs 360 delegates more to hit the magic number, but Texas' 155 proportional delegates are going to take a huge bite out of Romney's pie. He needs to win about 50% of the remaining delegates, and I don't see that happening with 11 of the 14 states being proportional, and Ron Paul on a roll.

And if Ron Paul wins in Indiana, West Virginia, or North Carolina tomorrow, pack your bags for Tampa.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

A lot of thos delegate

for Romney will be Ron Paul supporters and thus Ron Paul delegates. All they need to do is abstain from voting on the first round at the RNC which they can do under rule #38. No one can keep them from doing that if they will grow a pair and just do it. I am a delegate bound to Newt. I would not vote for Newt if they threatened to take me out and hang me from the first tree they find. See that is how you do it.

CA is not winner take all.

It is winner take all in each district. So if Ron Paul wins district #50 he will get all of the delegates for district #50.

You can bet your sweet bippy

That "they" aren't going to let Ron win even one state in the public straw poll. But down in the trenches...


When we manage to get our voters to the polls and dominate the delegate process in the upcoming primaries then he has no chance and we take it on round 2.

If Paul delivers a similar stunning speech as he did in Nevada then it will be a sweep.

If we fail to get the voters out and pull Romney near or best under 50% in the upcoming primaries then we can still pull this when we abstain and give them the blow back for all their shenanigans.

But lets just do all that we can in the upcoming primaries and we will win for sure!

No one but Paul.

The GOP Better Hope We're Successful

Because if Romney gets the nomination, Obama will win in a landslide.

Oh wait, I forgot, Romney's purpose is to get Obama re-elected. nvm


Let's thwrat there devious little plan!

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