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As the campaign gains more steam

As the Ron Paul campaign gains steam
and we become an undeniable force,
watch for an attack from Alex Jones.
I have very little knowledge of Bill Cooper.
I am not completely anti -Alex Jones per se,
or the information at infowars.
Much of the information at infowars is good info.
But, I saw what Alex Jones did to Debra Medina and
I have heard him continue to parrot
"Ron Paul can't/won't be elected".
If we get TOO close, watch for a
sideways attack from Alex Jones.
Along the lines of his attack on
Debra Medina.
Alex: "He isn't onboard with 9/11 or,
he isn't hardcore on Obama's
birth certificate. An attack from
Alex would be that Ron Paul
doesn't agree with him on a
big / particular issue.
Maybe Alex wont approve of, one particular sentence,
in a Ron Paul speech about the TSA.
That was AJ's M.O. (mode of operation) with Debra Medina.

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