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Only in America

Only in Israel

Not in Israel. In our country we are now seeing a kind of verbal uprising against the elected politicians by a group of current and former army generals, foreign intelligence and internal security chiefs. All of them condemn the government’s threat to start a war against Iran, and some of them condemn the government’s failure to negotiate with the Palestinians for peace.

Only in Israel.

Actual revolutions are significantly distinguishable from what may be termed Regime Change.

Our future historians may very well look back at this time, these days before the American routine Regime Change scheduled for November 2012, and the historical record may accurately describe an actual revolution from despotic power into Liberty.

Those who invent, produce, and maintain this pending revolution, with these skirmishes, battles, some won, some lost, here in America, can see that future pending and from that vision there are things done now toward that end: Liberty.

The goal to be reached is Liberty, but those who know it know that it is a beginning, a new dawning of Liberation, like sunlight after a long and dreary night.

Only in America will the American version of Revolution occur, and it will be uniquely American. It will be what it is, and those who can see it, those who are working to make it happen, see exactly what it is, because We The People make it that way.

Uniquely non-violent when all non-violent options are completely exhausted, and if violence is forced upon the defenders, beware.

Americans are uniquely armed and dangerous, inventive, productive, and We The People have been known to be resilient, determined, and unwavering once our power of Liberty is in extreme danger, likened perhaps to the maternal instinct.

A uniquely American rEvolution or r[3]volution or awakening or revisiting of appreciation will be as it is, today. Who could expect, or ask for, more?

Please consider some extremely important fronts in this battle over the power to survive according to our unique self-determination or if the revolution fails: slow torturous death according to the dictates of an all powerful ruling elite.

Power over Legal Money

Power over earned purchasing power

Power over defensive military might

If readers have read the link at the top of the page then the readers know a perspective on another battle within another country whereby an all powerful ruling elite have usurped unique self-determined Liberty, and defensive military might challenges the ruling elite in that country. Only in Israel.

What about American military might challenging the ruling elite?

To that end I strongly suggest a careful reading of a book:


To all our active (living) Military Personal the book can serve as an inspiration, it seems to me, as the book reports on one of the American Military Personal who did not merely follow orders blindly, and therefore all those in the Military who follow orders accurately, such as the order to refuse unlawful orders, may be inspired by another example as your own example.

There is much more in the book than can be imagined, please consider the advice in the book, and you thereby have to read the book.

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