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I need your help! Your gonna love this conversation.

I've been hear for a long time, don't post much, but I try and do my part in the movement. Anyway thought you guys might have some fun with this guy. I tried! It's my page on FB but it's cool, Love to make friends with ya. Love yall!!! Always looking for friends!


Just a bit of the conversion:

But let’s answer your question in a believable scenario, let’s say the U.S. government was cross training with France and it sent French troops into my house to search for signs that I might be a terrorist, I’d feel angry, amazed, shocked, but by the end of the day I’d have a great story to tell my friends about and I’d move on. Plain and simple. And there is no “plundering” going on. He is merely searching, calmly and carefully, through the draw for anything suspicious or dangerous… As soon as I live in a neighborhood were my neighbors are building bombs and blowing other American’s up I’ll even invite those French troops in, ask them to record their search so they know I’m not a terrorist, because the truth is that that search might have saved someone’s life. In fact those very people’s lives might have been saved by a search right next door. Truth is you and I don’t know, what we do know is that there is a devoted and careful sect out there who will kill their only people because they disagree with them, and precautions need to be taken to get things under control, house to house searches aren’t fun for us or them, but it’s the reality of war, it is what needs to happen so that more people don’t get blown up by the Taliban and its affiliates…

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Ahh, Please let me know

who has the Taliban blown up?

The entire purpose for military...

...in a free society is to maintain the liberties of the people. Because corruption is an unavoidable part of human nature the argument that we must occasionally suspend liberty to protect it is out of the question because the society will never regain ALL of the powers which it gave up. This is why it is so imperitve that we refuse to trade liberty for security because the power-corrupted class of society will manufacture wars, like what we see today, that have very ambiguous objectives and stir up massive amounts of fear. At that point the slope to despotism is very wet and steep, and this is no theory, obviously, because we can see with our own eyes the incredible state of centralization that we find ourselves in because of the wars our aristocrats have instigated and used to desimate our bill of rights. When all is said and done after victory is declared or the populace is "secured" through their loss of liberty, it is all for not because the actions that were taken to protect your liberties leave your nation indiscernible from what it would have been had you not taken any defensive action and allowed your enemies to occupy your country and enslave your people.

Great post btw! I read your facebook debate too and it was excellent. Keep writing my friend because you have a talent and knowledge enough to do good things.

Willful lies or mere regurgitation?

“If I appeal to you with reason and logic and they leave you with no other choice but to agree with them, then reason and logic, and not I, has done it's job forcing you to concede.”

And if someone tases or shots someone then it is the battery and wires or the bullets and the powder which exert or transfer the force or energy. But let’s be honest, there was a hand behind both of those things.

Liars, in my experience, are mindful of a need to reinforce the idea that they are honest when the liars are working over a targeted victim of these invented, or regurgitated, lies.

An honest person might respond to the quote with a question seeking clarification if the quoted words are at all ambiguous according to the reader.

Example quote:

“If I appeal to you with reason and logic and they leave you with no other choice but to agree with them, then reason and logic, and not I, has done it's job forcing you to concede.”

Example question concerning what appears to the reader to be ambiguous or lacking in reason and logic:

Do you mean to suggest that reason and logic can be responsible or accountable for things done by a human being?

The reason I couch my response in this manner is to highlight a very deeply burrowed lie that infests many minds in our culture whereby a thing is held responsible for the perceptions, thoughts, decisions, and actions of human beings.

Such as:

The Government did it (while the actual criminals perpetuate their crimes made legal)

The Gun did it.

The Logic and Reason did it.

If a person perceives reality accurately, and a person uses logic and reason to understand an accurate perception of reality, and then the person responds by knowing better, or choosing to accept (possibly reserving some skepticism) the logical and reasoned judgement, and then the response-ability of doing that rests on the individual who encounters reality and responds accordingly.

Hey you.


Don't look directly at the sun for too long, you will burn your eyes out.

Reality can be held to account for being reality, but the actual responsibility is accountable to the person who responds.

I think that I can agree with the quote:

“If I appeal to you with reason and logic and they leave you with no other choice but to agree with them, then reason and logic, and not I, has done it's job forcing you to concede.”

I think that the response by the responder is false, and I can't say, exactly, if the responder responds with willful fabrications of misleading words, or if the responder is merely going with the flow of deeply engrained cultural falsehood.


it is both willful lies and regurgitation

regurgitation is what they do when they agree with the status quo, willful lying is what they do when they try to defend the regurgitation

Pathological patterns

Given the question:

Care to explain your motive?

The answer will either confess the truth or cover it up and if the answer appears to cover it up, then: a follow up question offers the opportunity to either clear up the answer or cover that up too.

Care to simplify the answer so as to remove any ambiguity or to help anyone wanting to know the truth to know it without so much as a shadow of doubt?

Those whose motive is to communicate accurately can, it seems to me, where there is a will there is a way, and those whose motive is to spread falsehood have a tough time covering that up when their audience is not caught in the same web, nor ready to dive in - deeper.