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Los Angeles and Orange Counties for Ron Paul

Besides voting for Ron Paul in the June 5 primary, we need you to vote for Ron Paul supporters running for County Central Committee positions.

These positions make up the voting members of the LA and Orange County GOPs. If all our supporters get elected, we will control the County GOPs.

We have many supporters running and if you do not know who they are, leave a comment here and we can let you know who to vote for.

The one piece of info we need is what State Assembly District you are registered to vote in.

If you are in LA County, you can find your NEW (after redistricting) State Assembly District here: http://www.lavote.net/OnlineDistrictmapApp/

Look for State Assembly under NEW DISTRICTS.

Remember that you MUST be a registered Republican to vote for Ron Paul and the Ron Paul supporters running for County Central Committee.

Here are the Ron Paul candidates running in Los Angeles County:

Here are the Ron Paul candidates running in Orange County:

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Steven Vincent, I know that

Steven Vincent, I know that name.

He's in my district. 46th, Dana Rohrabacher.

Thanks for the list. Bookmarked it.

Friend to Minarchists, AnCaps, Voluntaryists, Agorists, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Paul Supporters, Free Marketeers, Jeffersonians, Status Quo Buckers, and Ron Paul Fans.

Pax Libertas. Semper Veritas. Semper Res Publica.



E-Mail This to Everyone You Know in California

With the help of my business partner and of SovereignJanice who made it look beautiful, I have created a California voter-friendly flyer that:

1. is useful to all California voters
2. helps clarify just which candidates on the ballot have dropped out, and which have not
3. explains how the delegate process works
4. explains how the passage of Proposition 14 affects voting
--- No "express advocacy" --- note: this flyer is useful information, and does not say who to vote for ---
5. is not "campaign material" and so not subject to any FEC reporting; meaning, if you want to get together to distribute this as an insert in the Pennysaver, or a local newspaper, you can. BTW, it costs less than $400 to send to 10,000 residences (including printing and delivery as an insert in the Pennysaver). Check your local area.
6. can be e-mailed to anyone you know in California.
7. should not be threatening to people who don't like "politics"

I am hosting it on one of my websites; please feel free to explore it. More changes to come, including smaller .gif files for e-mailing (by sometime tomorrow).

Find the page linked from here: http://www.consequeries.com and look for the pdf and gif files

The deadline to register to vote or change party is Monday/tomorrow May 21st.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Remember, voter registration deadline

is Monday, May 21.

You MUST be a registered Republican to vote for Ron Paul.

Double check your voter registration status here:

If you need to register to vote or re-register as a Republican, do it TODAY. The voter registration form must be postmarked with a May 21 date or earlier or hand delivered to your Registrar of Voters.

How many total members are on

How many total members are on the GOP central committee in Orange and LA County? Are they all up for election? Is it possible to get a majority on June 5?


All positions are up for election

but I don't know the exact number of positions available. I'm guessing at least 100 in LA County.

Thanks tsai

It's hard to find information on all of the candidates (scary huh?). When dailypaul backs them up it gives them a bit more credibility. Thanks from newport, OC.

Any suppoters in LA or Orange county

have questions about who they need to vote for in the County Central Committee races?

We need to make sure our supporters win these positions.

CA voters are starting to receive mail in ballots

If you live in LA or Orange counties, make sure you check out the lists above to find out who the Ron Paul candidates are running for County Central Committee.

Thanks a lot. I'm in LA

Thanks a lot. I'm in LA County and wouldn't have known who to vote for.


Please help

make sure others know too.

If we can get all these candidates elected, we will have a great shot at controlling the Los Angeles County GOP, which would be huge.

I'm getting my parents to

I'm getting my parents to vote for our guys in AB62, and hopefully my grandparents in AB54.


Ready to help

I am in South OC and will help as necessary.

Here's the slate of Ron Paul candidates

in the OC.


Do you know how to find what Assembly District you are in?


Yes, and thank you for that info! I am in the 71st I believe.


Since there's no candidate in the 71st it might mean that there are more positions than there are candidates filed.

Each district gets a certain number of positions and if the 71st gets say 3 positions but only 2 candidates filed, those 2 win by default and will most likely not appear on the ballot.

If you're interested in becoming a member of the Orange County Central Committee, you should get in contact with some of the organizers who can find out for you if there will be vacancies in the 71st District.

Just to confirm, you live in the NEW (after redistricting) 71st District right?

are these people all checked/have personal connections

to people known to be paul supporters one way or another? if i may ask, given the things that have been going on lately


There is an official campaign presence/headquarter in Los Angeles that organized this slate.


I am in the 70th

Any names you can give me, I will pass them along to other voters.



For the NEW (after redistricting) 70th State Assembly District, please vote for only Mark Voelker. Your ballot may allow you to vote for more than one individual but since we cannot confirm if anyone else is a supporter, just vote for Voelker.

You can find a full list of Ron Paul candidates for LA County here:

California voters are starting to receive

mail in ballots.

Make sure you find out who the Ron Paul candidates are in the County Central Committee races. If you don't know who to vote for, let me know what State Assembly District you are in. I have lists for LA and Orange Counties only.

If you need help in other counties, let me know and I will try to track down a Ron Paul organizer in your county.

Bugs in the machine's picture

How about Riverside County?

Anyone from Ron Paul camp running here?

Riverside is just east of LA and Orange counties, and just north of San Diego county.

By claiming there is no conspiracy, you prove to those who believe in the conspiracy that you are part of the conspiracy.

Do you know

what Assembly District you are in? Make sure you find your NEW Assembly District number.

Thank You

I'm in the 46th.

46th Assembly District right?

Do you know who to vote for or do you need the list of names?

Here they are just in case:

46th Assembly District
Steven Muro
Wendy Edrington
Patricia Dixon
Roger Eshleman
Ethel Barnes
Nancy Kremer

Orange County

This is the list for Orange County. It would be nice to get the list for each County in CA so people can post it to their social media contacts.

55th Assembly District
Robert Lauten

68th Assembly District
Joshua Morales
James Brownfield

69th Assembly District
Tim Whitaker
Bryan Carter

72nd Assembly District
Bryan Hoops
Patrick Dooley
Pat Ross

73rd Assembly District
Steve Magdziak
Michael Kogus
Eric Stolaski
Mark Dobrilovic

74th Assembly District
Allan Bartlett
John Draper
Daniel “Skip’ Marshal


Do you know how people in the OC can find out what Assembly District they live in?

I know this link allows people to check their registration status:

Is it easy for people to find their NEW Assembly District on there? I'm not registered in the OC so I can't use that site.

What's up in LA lately?

I was one of the "Magnificent Seven" who made it onto central committee back in '08 and helped elect Robert Vaughn at that infamous meeting that split the county party in two. Now I'm seeing Jane Barnett at RP events (saw her in a video of the Leno appearance). So what's the latest?

Anyone in LA?

If you are, do you know who to vote for in the County Central Committee races?

reedr3v's picture

bump for L.A.