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FOX: Ron Paul Dominating State Conventions 5/7/12


Brett Bair & Carl Cameron fighting the truth...

Comment on You Tube:
"ROFLMFAO!!! At the end of the video you can tell by his face he doesn't want to be saying these positive things about Paul! You can the establishment are preparing for the worst which would be Ron Paul people dominating the convention and voting for Ron Paul until all comply! Mitten people need to get in line with the real grassroots front runner (Mr. Paul) Now is the time to push even harder than before! Keep donating and spreading the word! Don't give up ever! This Revolution shall continue!"

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You Got It partner..

Go getem Paulites...

They all parrot the same phrase...

"Presumptive nominee"

Just sheep, taking orders from above.

Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. - Ben Franklin

The writing is on the wall and they friggin know it..

I love this sh#t!!

Go Ron Paul...PEACE!

I think that was the most

I think that was the most fairly Fox has covered Ron Paul pretty much ever... Still not a fan but it actually showed some promise.

he was going to say stealth

Was it just me, or did he accidentally almost say stealth delegates and then quickly changed it to state delegations.... LOL

Carl slipped and said,

Pack more stealth state delegates.

the god of embeds are runnin'

the god of embeds are runnin' fast tonight

That's right....

Slowly introduce ideas that RP is gaining steam so that when Romney gets side-lined, it won't look like you weren't doing your job properly for the past two years...

Oh well, at least they aren't

Oh well, at least they aren't being '100%' on the offensive. Yeah, they probably have ulterior motives for even mentioning him, but it's benefiting us anyways. I'm not naive enough to think they still don't like him, but it seems they value 'ratings and image' more than any 'dastardly plan' by the GOP.

We will win this fight...

Bump for Liberty!

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