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AIPAC Protest in Portland, OR!

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Boycott Israel

would be more effective until they leave us alone.

Deport Aipac Members To Israel !

If they love Israel more than the USA, go live in Israel.



Any protesting of the Rothschilds Banking Cabal's US lobby 'AIPAC' is good ( happens every time they come to SF Bay Area )

"Great Men Do Not Seek Power, They Have Great Power Thrust Upon Them"

Most people don't know whats happening in Palestine

We would never condone the apartheid tactics here, why do we support them in Israel?

Out of sight, out of mind

Also, there are those who see it in terms of Israel/Jews = good and Middle East/Muslims = evil. As far as most supporters of Israel are concerned, Israelis are incapable of any wrongdoing and therefore it must always be the Palestinians/Middle East/rest of the world that is to blame.

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We all know the Elephant in the Room

Ron Paul wants an evenhanded policy in the Middle East and with the rest of the world in general. The Zionist lobby wants to maintain total control over both parties and continue our multi-billion dollar support to this hostile, aggressive, rogue state; and then multi-billions to their enemies to counter balance all the one-sided additional support they get in military equipment and political favoritism. Zionist hegemony is directly tied to our presence in the region as much as oil (which if anything is overemphasized by the left), not to mention our invasions of neighboring countries which they constantly influence us to get involved in (Iran is next on the list). Until Paul people make this connection they are fighting blind. perhaps the # 1 problem Paul is blacked out in the media is because he is going up against the twin powers of Zionism/military industrial complex which are tied at the hip. the MSM are owned by people partial to this political affiliation. We all have to decide if we are going to be "constitutional" and follow the advice of the founders in having no "entangling alliances" -or are we going to capitulate to a the disproportionate influence of a foreign nation. If this issue wasn't directly related to our wars and if we didn't hypocritically threaten war on a country that has not attacked anyone in 300 years for their "capability" and potential in making 1 nuke when Israel has 2-300 (Mordechai Vanunu, whistleblower) and refuses to join the IAEA, then I'd say "keep Paul out of it." We either wake the U.S. up on this or not - but don't have an anti-war and non-interventionist platform and then say "you can't go protest the leading lobby promoting war and aggression and using U.S. soldiers as human shields for their expansionist/imperialistic policies. This country has attacked a U.S. ship (the U.S.S. Liberty) killing twenty-something soldiers, spied on us (jonathan j. pollard, lavon affair), sold our technology to China (Pat Buchanan has written about this), and extorts billions off U.S. taxpayers - they are not a "friend" but a usurper, and have caused more harm to our relations with the rest of the world than anything else in the last few decades. I have no patience for Christian Zionists and their crazy apocalyptic fantasies. We may see a real WWIII/nuclear holocaust if we continue to push the buttons of other major powers (Russia/China) that are sick of seeing us meddle in other nations on behalf of a tiny apartheid state that has found a way to manipulate us to do their bidding, contrary to the Chomsky "we use them for our own colonialism" argument. We gain nothing from our "special relationship" but debt, war, hatred redirected from the Arab/muslim world and international resentment, as well as dead and wounded (physically/psychologically) U.S. soldiers. A huge part of Ron Paul's appeal is his authenticity and not being a tool to lobbyists and other interests - by not standing on this issue he has no differentiation from all the other Republican (and Democratic) politicians who lick the @#$& this criminal state.

there is no left or right, only system and anti-system.


I love it!
I want to see more and more people protesting against AIPAC.

Let's get some signs out there demanding that all AIPAC members register as foreign agents.

Please don't drag Ron Paul

Please don't drag Ron Paul into this, we don't need any negative media at this point.

If you disagree, please consider

that there has already been a considerable quantity of pre-loaded response to "conspiracy theory". People are trained to disregard "fringe" ideas and everything connected to them without a second thought. Best to focus on the core message of liberty and let the rest settle itself out.

Remember, that you want knowledgable people that understand, not mindless drones whose sole purpose is to be in a picture. Real change comes from action. Action is driven by knowledge. Knowledge is driven by ideas.

AIPAC is a war lobby. Why on

AIPAC is a war lobby. Why on earth would protesting a war lobby hurt Ron Paul?

because not everyone immediately agrees tht AIPAC is a war lobby

Simply put, it dilutes the core message.

There are a lot of folks that think they think a certain way about the middle east, when in reality, they haven't really done much thinking for themselves at all, they are just paroting back what has been beaten into them. Once the protective shell is cracked, critical thinking will prevail. This topic isn't one that will crack the shell for most of the republicans that I know.

We're supposed to ignore the

We're supposed to ignore the most prominent war lobby for an indefinite amount of time? How is pointing out and protesting war lobbies not a part of the critical thinking that you are ok with?

1. No 2. I don't have a

1. No
2. I don't have a problem with YOU pointing out and/or protesting.

Any REAL Paul supporter realizes this is a touchy subject among the (ignorant) republican base. Do all the protesting YOU want, just do not try to attach Ron Paul to YOUR protest. He has a message that he is trying to keep as simple as possible for the unwashed masses. He is trying to get first graders to come to class, you are throwing college level books at them.

You're really contradicting

You're really contradicting yourself here. On one hand you're demanding others to not speak ill of AIPAC and on the other you're ok if people use critical thinking skills. I'll agree to disagree.


Where did I "demand others to not speak ill of AIPAC"?
"I don't have a problem with YOU protesting"!

I am saying this issue is not part of Ron Paul's platform. I am NOT demanding anything. If you support Paul YOU will NOT try to make it part of his platform or attach an incendiary subject to him that he has not embraced on the campaign trail. You are welcome to try to attach this issue and others to Paul, but it will show you to be a TROLL!

Peace is his platform.

Peace is his platform.

Thank you for sharing this video

Today, essentially no politican nor media outlet currently dares to illuminate the nation on Israel's disproportionate influence on the United States and how that influence undermines our security. (Of course, many of them are still blind to it.)

That will only change gradually, as an ever-larger number of citizens recognize the situation for what it is and--more importantly--dare speak up about it, whether in organized protests or in one-on-one conversations. It's up to us to remove the taboo from this topic.

Here's a great video of one writer who's doing his part:

Thank you

About time.

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yup, about time that people protest them

for what they really are: terrorist funding arm of the Mossad.


Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul