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OH, Texas; are WE this obvious?

So, Texas went through (another) redistricting, which created a MESS in most counties. It also ended with our vote/primary being put-off until the end of this month; the 29th of May. Great, let the GREAT STATE of Texas not really count, eh?
Now, the problem with the primaries being run at the end of the month is this: Most conventions (per area or county) have taken place. Votes have been cast and delegates chosen. I know that Austin did "okay" for Paul, and certainly better than anyone expected. However, I am not sure how other parts of the state (save El Paso) did. Our state convention will be held a couple of days after the primaries, but if we have already chosen delegates, what IS the primary about? What IS the point of going through the motions? There HAD been a motion on the floor of a few delegations to suspend rules and vote to send delegates per PRECINCTS, to the state convention. That failed, so, again; why are we even voting at the end of this month?

I don't know. Yet, I will be an election judge in a precinct close to mine. I had been set-up for my own precinct, until one of the regulars (not a nice woman) phoned in to the TCRP (Travis County Republican Party) and whined about it "always being her job". So, TCRP then had to phone me and ask me to help them out by moving to another precinct. Not to be difficult, I said, SURE. I will still be a judge, yet it will simply be another place. I can still ensure people are helped to cast their votes.

Last week, I received another phone call, from one of the LIBERTY Groups in Austin/Williamson County, and I was asked to run as Precinct Chair. I said, sure; why not? And, as it turns out, I will be opposing the very woman who displaced ME from my own precinct. I consider it just deserts, even IF I do not win. At least she will know who I am.

And again; Travis County (and MANY other counties) is very short of election workers of ALL kinds, but mainly short in election JUDGES, so please do sign on with the RPT (Republican Party of Texas), or your county's Republican Party, and volunteer. We are now all GOP and we all need to have a hand in making POSITIVE changes to this party, at all levels.
Oh, and if you do live in Travis County, precinct 238, consider casting a vote for ME as precinct chair.

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bump for Texas!

bump for Texas!

We vote because delegates

We vote because delegates will be bound according to how they do in the beauty contest. Won my county for Paul with 68% of our delegates going to state hardcore Paul supporters.

So how do the prospects look

So how do the prospects look for the Texas State Convention for Ron?

I'll be there. Any

I'll be there. Any predictions about the Texas State Convention are impossible. Texas is so large and its grassroots so spread out that its like working in 5 states. We in Dallas are just hoping others throughout the State are on the same page. I have heard Travis Co (Austin) and Tarrent Co (Ft. Worth) have done well. Harris Co (Houston) has been MIA as far as information about organization. Any Houston area people here? I have delegate training this Sat in Denton, Tx from 9-12pm if anybody would like info, message me.

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx

After writing this i realized

After writing this i realized I have lived in all 4 counties mentioned, God I love Texas :)

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx