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(video) fed being taken to court by S.African citizen

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=UlHuJ... Michael Tellinger is interviewed on CNBC Africa on 7 May 2012 - regarding his Constitutional Court action against Standard Bank, The South African Reserve Bank and the Minister of Finance. On 24 April 2012 Michael served a 1100 page legal document - Notice of Motion on all three parties. The paper presents more than 30 breaches of laws, bills and acts by all three parties that have been unchallenged until now. They have until around 18th May to serve their legal defence. By 28 May all papers have to be submitted after which a date for the trial will be set by the court. This is a full bench of the Constitutional Court - 11 Judges; 22 clerks; and a host of researchers to really get to the bottom of the atrocities committed by the banks against the people of the world.

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Calling All Brothers And Sisters From All Over The World.

Pass it on and post it. This effects everyone in the world.

The Big Case...Michael Tellinger vs Standard Bank

Please sign the petition http://www.newera.org.za/the-big-case/

Please Michael or someone change the name of this thread

so it gets some traction. This man is taking on the corrupt banking system and doing exactly what we should be doing.


Suggest changing the title to keep this post going.

This is really important and a great find. End the Fed!


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bump again



Bump. This is the head of the snake. Hope this gets traction because it is the root of all our challenges to true freedom and liberty.




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