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Surprise! Fox News: Ron Paul is much bigger than people know

Must see video!
They seem so surprised about Ron Paul winning delegates but at the same time comment on how organized he is and how Romney Has NO organization!


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have to keep reminding people

I went to visit a friend and this afternoon and the topic switched to the primary and I told her about the candidate I was supporting and she said oh no he's already out of the picture and I said oh no he isnt!! so there are people here in California who think he's not in the race and I'm going to call as many as I can and also engage people when I got back to work tomorrow


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oh NOW they start talking about him...

First 20 states, they wouldn't say if he was even in the race and now they say "bigger than people know"...yah cuz unfortunately a lot of people dont get any information other than a newspaper or biased tv news show, so how would you expect to know much about him unless you were a political junkie and actually watched the debates and heard him speak for 89 seconds...

I'm no 6 or 7 figure a year pundit...

I'm a house husband from podunk PA and it wasn't below my radar. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. We told you, but you didn't listen.

Now we're STEALING delegates?

Now we're STEALING delegates? Don't blame us for the incompetence of the Romney campaign. "He can't even bring to a tie" Really? National polls say differently. "I was totally off my radar scope." Well mate, you weren't gonna notice anyway because while all of you were ignoring us, shinning the spotlight on Romney, we took advantage and moved in the shadows like the ninjas we are! Now the GOP is in true panic mode, they're breaking their rules and the media is forced to either report on us or lose their credibility. So how does it feel? We're doing this by the book. You can't tell us we're cheating, you can only say we're stealing delegates, when that's not the case. A democracy is a democracy. 51% win the vote. Its just how it bloody works!

But what will you do once we make it to Tampa? We're determined to keep Romney from getting the number of delegates needed, so when we get there and he doesn't have 1,144 to vote for him, what then will you hypnotize your viewers to believe? At that point, even your viewers will be scratching their heads wondering what the bloody hell happen. "How did Ron Paul make it to the convention and is actually going toe to toe with Romney? Didn't the news say he wouldn't make it to Tampa? Didn't the news say he only had 80 delegates? What do you mean Romney only has over 600 delegates, you said he had over 800!" The MSM have painted themselves in a corner and they can't undue what they've done. When we clinch this thing, the media will be speechless.

They'll be forced to either admit that they f**ked up, or try to claim that Ron Paul cheated. Either choice will destroy them entirely. They call us barbarians, fringe, maniacal, cult members, and conspiracy theorists. Finally, they'll start calling us domestic terrorists.

But we're set on a mission. Not some cliche mission like from God or something, (Santorum, Bachmann and Palin have already been tasked by him) but a mission from We The People to save the future of our great planet, and her inhabitants. Every nation will respect us once again when we stand up and say NO to these wars. Every nation will respect us again once we demand an end to the FED. Every nation will respect us again once we stop doing the bidding of bloody Israel. And we can finally lead once again by EXAMPLE rather than force. No dictator abroad will be able to maintain his dominance, because we will have stopped supporting him in foreign aide. No terrorist will exist once we abolish the CIA and stop invading the lands of other people.

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from his government." - Thomas Paine

(╮°-°)╮┳━┳ (╯°□°)╯┻━┻ "RON PAUL 2012 DAMNIT!"

The opening video of President Paul is not Nevada it's Austin

I know for sure because that guy waving the flag with the cowboy hat on is me! Proud state delegate from Travis County by way of Cedar Park TX.

If we keep doing what we've always done, We're gonna get what we always got.


Maybe Judge Napolitano has been chatting them up over there ;-)

Fox olds campaign outsiders.

Fox olds campaign outsiders. Great hair though.

You mean nice astroturf! LOL

You mean nice astroturf! LOL

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Delegates are People!

I hate how I keep hearing the phrase, "Stealing Delegates!" This is so frustrating to hear since you cannot steal people! Look everyone whom went to there precinct location to vote has the opportunity to volunteer and become a delegate. Meaning if you signed up or we're voted by the people with in your precinct, you are representing your area and have every right to be there! There is no stealing in this process what so ever! We have all worked very hard to represent our communities and get people involved. We knocked our neighborhoods, made phone calls, volunteered to spread the word of liberty in every avenue possible. So in conclusion to accuse people of theft is out right ridiculous and I am sick of hearing it referred to in this manner. Thank you for your time.


these guys are losers.

these guys are losers.

f___ all forms of govt.


I wish they didnt get paid to be losers....


... and in response, I emailed the folk at FOX the following:

Please don’t take umbrage, but I don’t think you guys are truly campaign insiders. If you were, you would go to the source, Ron Paul’s official website and the Daily Paul website. Check out these links, but make sure you are sitting down, because if you had any familiarity with what these links have to show, you would not be using words such “apparently” and “I believe.” You would know without a shadow of a doubt in which states Ron Paul has the majority of delegates. Heck, even Rachel Maddow knows that, and I bet you think she is a campaign outsider.





If the GOP nominates Romney over Ron Paul, it could well be the end of the GOP. For the first time in decades, the Libertarian Party has a viable presidential candidate, one with a record second to none. Gary Johnson appeals to a broad spectrum of the political landscape and certainly to all the Ron Paul supporters. My prediction is that he will get close to 20% of the votes if Ron Paul is not the GOP nominee. Initial polls will show Johnson at about 8% and then he will move up to above 10% and pretty soon after that 15% and then 20%. Romney’s polls will fall from the high thirties, or maybe even 40%, to below 25%. Once the voters see that Romney is just too mediocre (just a stooge of Goldman Sachs) with no grassroots base to campaign for him, they will desert him for Gary Johnson. The Paul grassroots will migrate to Gary Johnson. Democrats will also go for Gary Johnson, because he doesn’t have a pro life and anti-gay agenda. More importantly, Johnson will poll very high in the swing states. It will become clear that Romney has no hope and if Republicans truly believe in “anyone-but-Obama,” they will vote for Gary Johnson.

Not to get ahead of myself here, but at worse, Johnson could get 20% of the vote in November, which would bring the Libertarian Party into the mainstream. Both parties will feel the effect of the new kid on the block, still only a “teenager” but destined to outgrow them both, because the two wings of the predatory bird in Washington have dumped us into a projected national debt of $20 trillion and jeopardized the American Dream for future generations. (They call it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.)

The end the result will be a Republican Party comprising hard-core pro-life, pro-war, pro-Israel, and anti-gay voters. The evangelical church will split in two, because economic realities will best ideologies. The GOP will become a shadow of its former self. Ron Paul can save the Republican Party, enthuse it with millions of young voters who are passionate about their individual freedoms and are willing to accept personal responsibility rather than rely on government for handouts and subsidies.

Please become true insiders (or maybe it takes an outsider like Rachel Maddow and myself to analyze the political landscape properly). Debate the hard stuff. Face up to reality. It wasn’t too long ago that FOX insisted that Cain, Perry and Bachman were top tier candidates and Paul did not even get a mention. Call it quits when it doesn’t work. (Another prediction: if Lugar loses the primary in Indiana, he will switch parties. Lugar and Specter are cut from the same cloth.)


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Make the most of it

When you guys get to Tampa. They won't let you get away with this again, you only have one shot at this. If the goverment is still standing in four years, I mean as we know it, you won't be getting away with doing this with Rand or even Paul again if he comes out of retirement. Go all out, I mean balls to the wall, because they will shut you down next time. They won't allow this again.

God speed.

bigger than people know?

maybe if they were honestly "fair" & "balanced".... "PEOPLE" would know how big this is ! RON PAUL 2012!

Wake up and smell the coffee Faux News...

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I love this Pat Caddell

He is 4 R3volution man.
Good point is shown. Mitt Romney is incompetent and weak if he cannot secure delegate process in his home state. Dr Paul looks in compare as competent, operative and powerful in grasping and exercising the power.

Susie 4 Liberty's picture

Pat Caddell always had more to say...when making a good point

And was never allowed! And I would shout for whomever to "Let Him Finish!" But that was long ago, in a far distant land, when I once watched Fox.

Susie 4 Liberty

Rand Paul on FOX NEWS

I just posted this on the forum but here it is again.

Rand Paul was just interviewed on FOX and it is really bad.

What's going on. Rand basically admits that his father will not win and goes as far as to say "Not sure what he (his father) will do in terms of endorsing Mitt Romney" !!!



Time for the tissue box around here

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

Drop it

Gave you the benefit of the doubt. Oh well, you live and learn.

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Obvious troll

Go back to your pit of vipers. Red Shield wtf.

"Freedomless, Will work for Liberty"

Look at this guys handle


Take your red shield and go plan some NWO spin.
Divide and conquer is his goal. He will say anything and do everything to divide the movement. Best to ignore these types. They feed on flaming people with pitiful and worthless none-issues.

Watch it again. You missed a lot.

This was a GOOD interview. Rand put Cavuto in his place and at no point did Rand give any news about his father "not winning" or "possibly endorsing Romney." Did you just see the same thing I did?



do you know if the clip was edited?


I don't like that :(

It kills my Ron Paul victory buzz. :( A real downer. :(


Rand takes the same humble approach as Ron does when talking about the end game. When Ron Paul gets interviewed he is very humble about the truth and is not aggressive toward them. I don't think this was that bad. As they know and we know, it's up to the people.

I don't

He may point to Romney's weakness with his organization, but he still makes sure to start off his talking points with the pre-approved msm keywords now associated with RP:

"First of all let's understand something,"
- "arcane-rule-dominated events" (???)
- "what their doing is stealing delegates"
- "Can he deny Romney the nomination? No, of course not."

Then he goes on to point out the flaws in Romney's organization. However, I don't agree that he made RP look competent and powerful. In fact, look at the "soundbite" they chose to show - it's RP speaking to a small group of people...not the mega-events we're used to seeing on the DP.

Pat Cadell and the likes think they can affect opinions and the outcome of elections as long as they speak in a confident and angry manner (a staple for FOX pundits). But all I do is wait for the keywords to pop out, and then I stop litening. It is now their turn to do the listening - unfortunately this is not in their job description though.

This is their Achilles Heel.

This is a quote from a political website listing Romney campaign insiders:

"The campaign team that made Mitt Romney the presumptive GOP nominee (as of April 10, 2012 when Santorum announced suspension of his effort) was relatively small and was led by a small inner circle. After the campaign completed a primary or caucus, key staff moved on to another state contest. The strategy worked, but left little infrastructure. The campaign's challenge now is to build out its national team and to start building state organizations...."

What strikes me is that they have had no ground staff at all. This suggests that they have completely relied upon their control of the media and the GOP establishment in each State. This is what Romney has been doing since 2008...schmoozing the GOP leaders around the country. He is the chosen one or the next in line to be anointed king of the GOP. It is really an incestuous cabal. It may also be another breach of Rule 11(a) which would never be revealed had they really won the nomination. They are overconfident and this is a great weakness.

It is also apparent that without the changes in the rules for the Presidential primaries put together by Michael Steele before he was ousted, the present success of the Ron Paul Revolution would not have been possible. God bless Michael Steele.


"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

They might try to bolt!

I was laughing at the part where he said something about the floor being full of Paul delegates and they may become restless, or cause a Ruckus (Don't know if that is spelled right, correct me). I was laughing out loud. Especially when he said they might bolt, like run away. That could be the first time Paul supporters are actually locked inside of a place and not out. I think they have done the opposite alot. I would like to see the convention be a 10 ring circus like Alex Jones said. lol

No they can't

"Romney Can't organize their conventions to get their delegate selected?"

The Answer is No No No they can't.

Why because the media can sway opinion to vote, but can't motivate people to be part of the process.

Ron Paul 2012!!!!

"If you think we can't change the world, it just means you're not one of those that will"

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Visible Discomfort in the video

They know something is very wrong, but can't quite figure it out. Romney is weak with no message, now that they understood.

They will understand soon enough. Win or lose, we will dominate in Tampa.

Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. - Ben Franklin