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Surprise! Fox News: Ron Paul is much bigger than people know

Must see video!
They seem so surprised about Ron Paul winning delegates but at the same time comment on how organized he is and how Romney Has NO organization!


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Everything they say

comes from an ulterior motive. I don't like em, don't trust em, and don't want any part of em. Couldn't even watch it, what a boatload of rotten fish.

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This is exactly why we are so

This is exactly why we are so PO'd at the MSM. For months they have been saying "He's not electable" and "He can't win" and "Romney is the nominee". Now the truth is being exposed to these guys and the gentleman in the yellow tie admitted that he has been living under a rock. "It was totally off my radar scope until yesterday", as he said .

DUH!! What else was off the radar scope? The cellular phone? The personal computer? That whacky "horseless carriage"?

Makes you want to slap this donkey on the side of the head. Why the Hell has he been saying all the other crap for so long? How can someone so incompetent be allowed to report as a "knowledgeable expert" on a topic and fail so miserably at the subject at hand? The light is coming on in their heads. The party which they have said would never accept Ron Paul as the nominee has been changed and is being changed to accept him while the mindless talking heads just keep talking.

The Ron Paul campaign is about change. Not Barack Obama-style change--we know how different that is. Change is beginning now.


Man that was a good laugh. I couldn't help but laugh through out the whole thing. Everyone get ready....this powder keg is about to go boom.

I predict land slide victories in Texas and California. Romney will make an offer, Paul will refuse. Slug fest in Tampa ensures, Romney camp tries more Shananigans, RP supporters catch them on video AGAIN, and we win on 2nd round of voting at

After that, pfffff, the hardest part is done. RP beats Obama by a Land slide.....easy.

A little optimistic, there

I think saying a landslide against Obama would be easy is a bit presumptuous. But at the very least we will get a real policy debate, and that much should be fun. But landslide? That's pushing it.

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just my opinion

and maybe pollyanna but I do think if Paul gets the GOP nomination it really will be a landslide Reagan supporters would be jealous of.

3:58 "It was totally off my radar scope until yesterday"

So much for your credibility. What a putz.

They should call this show

the "Johnny come lately" brigade. What a bunch of doofuses.


"Romney needs to find a way to accommodate Paul and his own party.."

Good luck with that! It is impossible with one exception. Mitt drops out. That would be very accommodating to the Paul party.

Romney finding a way to accommodate two sets of people with positions so far removed from each other would be like you or I trying to convince gasoline to get along with open flames.

However I am sure that Mitt is open to suggestions at this point if anyone has an idea. We are all ears Pat.

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Who is the guy on the far

Who is the guy on the far left? Anyone have any contact info? Thanks!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!


Bozo's cousin... (Pat Caddell) http://a57.foxnews.com/images/447280/450/350/0_22_450_caddel...

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Nothing different here.

The msm's #1 job is to spread propaganda. Their #2 job is to filter any truth that may have leaked into the main stream via the internet. The foxbots just "learned" that despite what their grandson told them about "these ron paul delegate victory thingies" ron paul still can't win but could be a spoiler and the one responsible for another 4 years of obama.

Pat Caddell summed up the MSM

When he said it was totally off his radar until yesterday.

That's the whole point. Nobody, not FOXNews, not MSNBC not CBS NBC CNN ABC covered Ron Paul's caucus victories because they just assumed that everybody was going to just pack up shop as soon as Mitt Romney "won" the primaries.

Now they are all so far behind the curve and us that they look like idiots every time they try and say hey I know we said that Romney won Iowa and then Santorum won, but oh by the way, Paul won Iowa and Minnesota and Maine and Louisiana and Nevada and Colorado.

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The strength of the Liberty movement has

entirely flummoxed not just the Romney/NeoCon politicians and RNC, but the MSM as well. All of the elite thought they had total control of the serfs. Now what?

How do these guys have a show on TV?

That might have been the most un-entertaining segment on TV I've seen in a long time.

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Had I read the next post

I might not be making this comment. I have personally reached a saturation-point for pretty-boy and fluff...and frankly, being 'entertained' by a supposed 'News Show'.

Susie 4 Liberty


I thought the news media's job was to be informative.

The content here is rather dry and very tired in the sense that it is just more of the same we have been hearing concerning the recent victories Ron Paul has had. We are now being told by the MSM that the Ron Paul campaign is "stealing" delegates through underhanded and deceptive tactics such as using the rules established by the GOP.

As for your question. These guys don't have a tv show. This is an internet only program. Fox saves the cable spots for the real spin masters.

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin


I totally took this (and alot of the more recent reports of Dr. Paul's victories) as the MSM trying to "distance" themselves from Romney. As if they are leaving themselves an out so they can say "Well, it's like we said ... Romney tripped over Dr. Paul's foot" or "The Romney Campaign was so lacking that it allowed itself to be trampled by..." or things like that.

I think what we're seeing now is the MSM realizing that things are NOT going the way the establishment wants..and this is their way to keep themselves tidy and at the same time make us look like we somehow "lucked into" the nomination.

Just my humble opinion.
Much Luv and Respect Patriots.

Romney Support 'Inch Thick'

yes they did mention that Romney's support an inch thick while Ron's runs deep.

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they were referring to romney's organization, not his support.

although it's true. Both are 1 inch thick

1 inch

seems rather an overestimation.


This is interesting because I know the Paul's and this is not how they operate... (with regard to trying to prepare Rand for anything)


Plus I was on Cupp's show during the primary and I thought I schooled her. :-)

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

SE CUPP on Dr. Paul "He's a hundred years old!"

(above post) SE CUPP is supposed to be so cool. What a bunch of useless talking mouths. Just think., talking to Faux New, mocking Dr. Paul for being old. Seen any college campus appearances lately? Loser! As the ratings drop. You "SECuPP are not fit to polish Dr. Paul's Boots! You have destroyed your own short "career".

ha ha ha ha

They are shaking in their boots.
Does not compute, does not compute...
Stutter, stammer, asplode :)

Yes---and it is interesting that the thing they always throw

into the commentary now is, "of course Mitt Romney is still going to win the nomination...there's no question about THAT"....or a phrase that is equivalent to that phrase....


You all beat me to it....

Experts relying on tweets from viewers to inform them.

Seems a bit backwards.

If "campaign insiders" didn't know who was winning delegates, what the hell do they do all day?!

There it is -

They just now got their "Radar Scope" working.
Now they need it calibrated to "REALITY".
Don't have it done by the programmers of their teleprompters.
Isn't technology wonderful.

ps Maybe Diebold is also way out of calibration as well. we'll see by the end of today.

Here's my 14 yr olds comment on You Tube

"this was totally off my radar scope until yesterday" DOOH! in that statement he admits his own ignorance of what has been going on, along with a few other bone head statements about his misconception of what the primary process is all about. "Stealing delegates from Romney?!" WHAT?? This proves that FOX brings on an 'expert' that doesn't know SQUAT to 'analyze" the situation for the audience. . GEEZ... People THINK for your self! TURN OFF THE CABLE NEWS and do your own research on the web.

Mom sez: See there is real HOPE for the future!

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Dinosaurs soon to be extinct?

"Oh no Mitt, save us from Ron Paul. Get a move on, do something or he will win" When you decipher their Freudian slip psychology that's all you hear...

"They're stealing delegates from Romney in terms of the people"

Nothing was stolen. Romney never had those delegates to begin with. I would definitely say, because because he didn't deserve them. Ron Paul supporters became delegates for Ron Paul legitimately. Ron Paul supporters/delegates didn't steal anything.

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How are these people on television?

Seriously. How?

I love how "confused" these people are now. Maybe if you didn't have your lips so tightly suckled to the nipple of the MSM while it oozes its filth down your throats, you'd have a clue. Maybe.

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