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MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show: Ron Paul Dominates Delegates in 8 States

The MSM still at the propaganda, which is actually helping us. They keep stating that Romney will be the nominee, that means Romney people will not show up, GREAT!



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I think it's funny how it was

I think it's funny how it was only a little over a month ago that Jesse Benton called out the guy from MSNBC that said "the Paul campaign has been a flop" and "Nevada and Iowa already voted and Santorum and Romney won".

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It's like...

this man wants to be Rachel Maddow.

The Ron Paul

delegates will go down in history for saving the republic.There will be history books and Hollywood movies outlining their heroic feats, stories of how these young men and woman fought tirelessly through adversity, when they all said it couldn't be done, to ensure a better life for the future of this nation.

Leo21342, your words here could easily be part of that History.

Very well written - from the heart no doubt.
I'm going to save this.
Thank You!

Quite the change of tune

I remember specifically detesting this particular MSNBC anchor for some really snide comment he made about Dr. Paul once. I remember the exact face he made and how he put down his coffee cup as he said it, but I can't remember which video it was.


All we really need is to have

All we really need is to have HALF of the delegates at RNC be our guys. They can then vote to unbind themselves right there on the spot, don't even have to go through the first round of voting. At the pace we're going that scenario is becoming more likely by the day.

The most electrifying man in political entertainment!

He's the jabroni beatin, pie eatin, trail blazin, eyebrow raisin, People's Champ! If ya smell... what the Ron... is cookin.

Weee're takin over! One city at a time....


DJ Khaled ft Akon, TI, lil Wayne - "Were Takin Over"

I've been singing that song for weeks!

Coincidence! :)

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MSM, "This Ron Paul thing is

MSM, "This Ron Paul thing is just a flash in the pan people, sure he has SOME delegates but no where NEAR the PRESUMPTIVE nominee Mitt Romney. Ron Paul will NOT win the nomination. Move along people."

That narrative really gets old. This will be a huge upset if the delegates are able to pull this off for Dr. Paul. Pretty exciting.

The question is?

What I want to know is how the MSM are going to explain themselves when Dr Paul wins the nomination, or better yet if we go on in november and secure the presidency. What could they possibly say was behind their reasoning for blacking him out and trying to smudge his name, and his supporters? There is going to be alot of explaining to do, and I would imagine alot of jobs lost.

Mike G.

you know

You know exactly what they will say. They will say RP "stole it", implying Paul delegates acted illegally or unethically. They will keep trying to turn anyone they can against Dr.Paul and his supporters. They will push for a recall or dismissal of his election. They won't just roll over..

yup. They will probably claim Soros was behind it.

They will probably claim Soros was behind Ron Paul's victory - seriously. FOXwatchers are so easy to spot.

Love Rachel or hate her, this

Love Rachel or hate her, this is good publicity for Ron Paul and the Ron Paul movement --people are waking up. If we can get more positive stories about Ron in the MSM, who knows how strong he will be by the time we go the the Convention. Do not count him out folks. I am not sure how the bound delegates work as far as being required to vote for a particular candidate on the first ballot. If they can obstain then we will have a whole new ball game!!

Rachel Maddow hates Ron Paul/Rand Paul

She's covering the story only with the innuendo that Ron Paul is cheating, or denying the will of the voters.

But there is no coverage of the vote rigging that goes on in these elections (Diebold, E&S), and the deliberate refusal to count the votes from certain counties and precints favorable to Ron Paul.

Don't think that Maddow is on our side....

She's only really doing this because

it represents a massive disruption in the Republican party. If RP keeps building momentum and wins she'd turn on him so fast it would make your head spin. I have no doubt she loves her some activist domestic government.

"Will Mitt Romney Trip Over It?"

Maddow is not on our side, but her writer usually has a characteristically great closing line. This one was no exception and, in my opinion, smudged Romney more so than it did Ron Paul.


I'm sick and tired of the spin that "Ron Paul supporters are taking over". They present it as if these supporters barged in from the streets, hardly ever mentioning that they WERE ELECTED as delegates at county level (in this case they do imply it at the end).

This may all sound obvious to the initiated but I can tell you that there are many who take this at face value.

This video was posted already

This video was posted already in another thread, many requests to go front page, many votes, yet someone else posts another copy and theirs gets on front page....

That happens very often. I

That happens very often. I have experienced it many times myself.

Its of course nice to get your posted version on the front page when you were the one to posted first. You would deserve the credits, but of course the most important is that this post is finally on the front page.

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How Many Paul Delegates "for" Romney in other states?

Looking at this map http://runronpaul.com/election/ron-paul-delegate-majority-ma...

I wonder how many of Romney's delegates in Idaho, Arizona, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Penna, Virginia, Florida, etc are really Ron Paul supporters. Those are states where there just weren't enough of them to take over. But there could be many.

If you are not OUTRAGED, you're not paying attention!


about Missouri, Oklahoma, and Colorado? I hear nothing of those delegates. And yes.... the so called bound delegates.. that do not want to cast their votes in the 1st round... DO NOT HAVE TO!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"


I have seriously sat down with an open mind and watched the Rachel Maddow Show. I tried very hard to make sense of what she was saying. I literally could not make out a single point. Just a bunch of words. Makes me ashamed of my country.

As I stated in another thread...

...a sleight of hand is being used folks. And this Maddow video is proof of it.

Notice the emphasis that bound delegates "have to vote"...

Bound delegates do not have to vote. No one can hold a gun to their heads or threaten the equivalent of a "gulag" of sorts and force them to vote.

All the "binding" aspect requires is that IF they decide to vote first round - they have to vote for the bound candidate.


Wake up people...the RNC, Romney campaign, and the MSM are already changing the narrative...and they're using a sleight of hand.


Conservative AND Libertarian!!!

Still no mention of the obvious question...

The MSM always neglects the obvious question - how is it that the Diebold voting machines results, CLEARLY do not reflect reality...?! BECAUSE THE DIEBOLD MACHINES ARE RIGGED!!!

Just a few shots of Ron Paul rallies, vs Romney rallies will tell you the real story...

Ron Paul 2012! The PEOPLE vs The ESTABLISHMENT!

this confirms the fact that...

the GOP is being taken over one county/state at a time :)

Sooner or later the GOP will have to adapt or become assimilated lol

This was a very good report

This was a very good report until the last 5 seconds. If he had understood the information to that extent, why is he so sure Romney wins the first vote? They jerks are still talking like it's sewn up.

Rachel Maddow is looking more

Rachel Maddow is looking more and more like a man every day.

Someone beat me to it. I was

Someone beat me to it. I was going to say I didn't even notice that wasn't Rachel until halfway through. =P