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MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show: Ron Paul Dominates Delegates in 8 States

The MSM still at the propaganda, which is actually helping us. They keep stating that Romney will be the nominee, that means Romney people will not show up, GREAT!



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I do not understand the thumbs up for this snarky

comment. You tread very hard on feelings of all who fully accept individual choice as to gender/sexual orientation, but all who may actually choose alternative/minority gender/sexual roles. This is not appropriate on a Liberty forum, and it does not reflect the good will and generosity of spirit to all peaceable people of Dr. Paul himself.

excuse me

I'm from Europe, English is not my mother tongue and maybe I'm too dumb to understand American humor, but do I understand it well that Rachel is apparently free to change her/his gender and some aren't free to notice?

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Of course the poster is free to be snarky,

bigoted, mean-spirited, etc. As I surely am free to point out the negative vibes of the comment, and to point out that it is inappropriate on a forum dedicated to supporting the views of Ron Paul -- surely one of the kindest and most gracious of all living (and past) statesmen/women.

Rachel is out campaigning for Ron Paul


Your Point?

In case you haven't noticed, most women look more like men (than they used to), and most men look more like women (than they used to), when they get older. It's called hormone changes, and it will happen to you.

I'm not sure how it's relevant.

I don't know how to explain the wardrobe change, however.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

It was funny because that

It was funny because that actually wasn't Rachel, it was some dude that looks like her, even had the same glasses.

Pretty sure it was a joke not

Pretty sure it was a joke not meant to be taken that seriously.

America Has Been Transformed from A Once Rugged Society

Men have become more effeminate and retiring and the women more dominant and bold. Many times I have observed men and women in the grocery store. I notice the older men looking very fragile and effiminate and women many times wearing short hair and looking butch..

When men give in to a woman to keep the peace, the man become like a woman over time and the woman looks more like a man.

Specifically, in politics, we have a very permissive leftist leaning feminine type government. Once in America, the men were real men, not wimpy and retiring. We have lost our masculine, rugged idenity in America. We need to get back to basic rugged individualism.

MSM is Still Saying Ron Paul Won't Be

MSM is still saying Ron Paul won't be the nominee. Yeah MSM, keep saying that as Ron Paul continues to rack up delegates from other states. More sheeple are seeing this on TV, are starting to asked themselves "Who is this Ron Paul guy and why are his supporters are so determine to get him elected? I thought this race was over?"

What's interesting is that

What's interesting is that they have not deducted any delegates from Romney's totals, these numbers will be a huge factor this election.