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Politico is reading the Daily Paul

The Nevada GOP's Ron Paul culture clash


The chaotic Nevada GOP convention that took place last weekend provoked very strong -- and disparate -- reactions from Nevada Republicans.

Some Ron Paul supporters were ecstatic over the outcome, which was the culmination of four years of hard work in a state where they had been trampled in 2008.

Here's how one convention delegate loyal to the Texas congressman described the experience Sunday on the Daily Paul blog:



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Another propaganda piece from Politico

The planted complaint is just so obvious.

Have you noticed the tactics the establishment always use? They start by accusing others of exactly what they themselves are doing.

This is very clever as it normally doesn't work to say: "No I am not doing so and so, you are".

Whoever get the idea in first is the winner of any argument.

That's why they call Ron Paul a kook, a right wing extremist etc. And why they call us cheats, taking over the party, small motivated group etc.

But when you realize their tactic it is so easy to read them. You can see their plans in all news stories, in Hollywood movies even in science. Define the box of what is considered normal and then have long debates within this little box - then you control everybody's beliefs and therefore their "world".

Ron Paul is defined as outside the box and therefore outside many people's radar.

They are masters at this, but when you know it everything turns against them.

The negative comment has to

The negative comment has to be a plant since I have never heard of an ex-RP supporter. There is no such thing!


The hacks at Politico days(hours) will be numbered in a Paul administration.
In fact, the corporate media as we know it will cease to exist, and come to an end under a Ron Paul administration.
You can bet they are all well aware of this fact.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016


during WH press briefings, I hope to God Dr. Paul relegates ALL MSM like CNN, MSDNC, FakeNewsChannel/Faux, ABC, NBC, CBS out into the hallways, or at most, stick them in the far corner of the room where they're never seen, and NEVER grant them any exclusive one-on-one interviews, and let completely independent outlets like InfoWars up front! Ha, wouldn't that be something?


And for the love of God, hopefully they never ever, ever give ANYthing to the likes of AP and Reuters.

McClatchy, AFP and UPI (owned by End-of-the-World-is-Nigh-&-I-shall-be-crowned-King, Rev. Sung Young Moon, who also owns Washington Times) while obviously still statist MSM, are infinitely better than blatantly NWO Reuters and ASSociated Press (who control our elections with their central vote tally service, which is primed for fraud and other MSM simply regurgitate). So perhaps UPI, AFP, and Bloomberg (after all despite being owned by that tinpot anti-gun tyrant Mayor Bloomie as per its eponymous sake, they were influential along with FakeBiz in getting Fed.Res. FOIA & analyzing Dr. Paul's Audit the Fed release).

But except those, rest of MSM are absolute junk.

Of course, then there's the special case of the partially Russian Govt-owned Russia Today.

RT, while being fair to us in the R3VOLution and Dr. Paul so far, as it is in their best interests that Dr. Paul does become the POTUS as well, in terms of NATO withdrawal from their sphere and Peace in general, and Free Trade, but God knows how RT would treat the Doc once he becomes the POTUS, and should any issues with Putin arise.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Control of Media

The burning question I need to have answered is. How is it possible that an entity or force can manipulate and control so many journalistic sources simultaneously ? Do any of these affected journalists exhibit a reflexive defensive action before the AIPAC indoctrination is set in motion? The American people should be extremely alarmed that these forces are able to control every media outlet in this country, with the exception of the internet. And believe me, they are trying very hard to get to it, too. For any fence sitters still out there, remember this, a vote for anyone other than Ron Paul also makes the voter complicit in our countries murderous foreign policy ! Ron Paul is the only candidate that espouses peace. Nobody in their right mind would advocate the death and destruction that is being wrought around the globe today by Barack Obama and parroted by the draft dodging, chicken hawk, Willard ( Mittens) Romney. Thousands upon thousands of innocent men, women, and children killed by American cluster bombs, depleted uranium shells, and Predator drone strikes from another continent. The military industrial complex is in the business of killing, and business is very good ! Please fellow citizens, vote your conscience and help Ron Paul usher in an era of peace and prosperity not known for sixty years or better ! This is a chance that only comes once in a lifetime and we have the opportunity to stop the murderous beast dead in it's killing tracks ! Ron Paul 2012 !

Jack Rose

Conversely, I have stopped reading politico

I'm not 100% that's ironic:D

Pics or it didn't happen

"Dress Code was not adhered to."

Really? That's not it looked like on video.

That is most likely partially true

I love Ron Paul supporters, but some of them do not dress professionally. Most do but some don't and they stick out. I see it every time I go to a political event.

If you want to be taken seriously you have to dress seriously. Fact of life.


Many of us are jobless and have been foreclosed on.
Some of us are in serious delinquency with our student loans, and have had to put a fortune in the gas tank.
We have sent every extra last dime to the campaign, we can buy new clothes next year.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

I feel ya

But you can buy an entire suit at goodwill for about $7, or borrow a button up from a friend or cousin or uncle for free. I know money is tight, but a hair of legwork or creativity will get you just about anything you need.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

The jobless hopefully have a nice shirt for a job interview

Come on man don't give me that.

Certain libertarians have a tendency to not give a crap about their appearance and disregard normal fashion etiquette at inappropriate times. It doesn't take much (or any) effort or money to just look professional, or at least presentable in public when representing the liberty movement. That's all I'm asking for.

I find this to be a bit harsh

I am new to the daily paul as far as posting goes, I have been coming here off and on since 2007 for Paul news. But I think that was a little harsh. Many people supporting Ron Paul may not be able to afford to "dress well" or wear clothes people find fitting for the occasion. Yes it would be nice if we could all wear snappy suits, but some people don't have the money to do that. I would rather have the people there in jeans and T shirts than not at all. The point is that they are there, not how they dress. Yes some people don't care, but I bet many would if they could. Also I thought these were public events, open to average (excuse the term) everyday people. Well if that is the case then you will see people of varying dgrees of wealth and that will translate into the clothes they can purchase. If they show up, that is all that should count.

Here is an example

At CPAC there were thousands of people wearing suits and business attire, but a couple of dozen people there to support Ron Paul were wearing t-shirts and shorts/jeans. They stuck out and people judged. They were very under dressed for the occasion. I was glad they were there, and I talked to many of them, but I was still thinking "come on man you came all the way here at least dress the part."

I'm not saying that people need to be wearing snappy suits or expensive clothing. All I'm saying is that people should dress for the occasion (or at least not blatantly stick out because of poor dress). We live in a judgmental society, and we are playing a game.

If someone is pledged to be a delegate and they are planning to go to Tampa convention in a t-shirt and jeans, for the love of liberty please send me your damn address and I will gladly send you some dress clothes.

That smells to me like an

That smells to me like an astroturf propaganda piece. ("Dress code"? Get real!)

(As I posted below...)

If the lady had actually been present she'd have to be blind to miss that the Paul people were being scrupulous (but insistent) about following the rules while the GOP establishment tried unsuccessfully to cheat them (with things like miscounting voice votes) and Romney operatives created what "chaos" was present.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

Truthbearer's picture

Of course they...

...are reading the DP. They all are to steal information, and ideas, and mostly to spy on all our good works.

Eh, so be it. Maybe they will learn something.



did not mean to post the same thing twice

Like I said...

"They do not want to work with our ideals and centuries-old values of smaller government, support our Bill-of-Rights or family values"

Like I said, they need to be beat. The person who said this needs to be whipped. Those are all things Paul stands for. I mean this was one facepalm moment. It makes me mad. This kind of stupidity is the real national security threat, not AlCIAda terrorist.

I also like how she threw

I also like how she threw in "higher cost insurances". What the hell? She either doesn't understand Ron Paul's stance on health care or she wants the state to run it. That's certainly not "our ideals and centuries-old values". She seriously thinks we aren't defenders of the Bill of Right? Since when? That's certainly news to me. She is hilariously uninformed. I doubt she was even at the convention more than five minutes (if at all).

I laugh when I hear "family values"

As if everyone is required to raise a family. If you want to be a swinging bachelor your entire life have at it. I think it was Satantorum who in a debate rebutted Ron Paul's "America is based on freedom" with his "America is based on the family."

Sadly, "family values" has become code

For hating Muslims and gays. They believe family values are whatever their values are, and must be enforced by federal guns. To them, the notion that in a free society, people might use that freedom in ways they disapprove of, is repugnant. Hence, the neocon/partisan Santorum wing of the party does not actually desire small government or freedom. They want an American Taliban to enforce their own morality on others, regardless of how harmless the decisions of others may be.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

Rewriting History

The Religious Right: Rewriting America's history since 1979.

Staying positive and having manners

The article that was written included a lot of negativity on the lady's part. I would say the more articles written that are negative against us like this only promote our cause because they look bad when they are negative. Unfortunately if people prove her right then we lose the opportunity for open ears and potential voters.

I hate to have to say it

Actually thats a lie, I don't. But these anti Paul people need to be dragged out in the street and beat. I mean seriously, what else can you do with them? They are so stupid and pigheaded they refuse to except logic and reason. I think if we "lost" a few of them we would better off.

Sorry everyone

I can be kind of "thug" like with my Ron Paul support. I see the down votes.


This comment was made in jest right? haha

I hope so - yikes!

I hope so - yikes!

Wow, I'm Quoted On Politico

I don't know whether to rejoice or take a really long hot shower to try and get the stink off of me.

The lady says: "Instead these

The lady says: "Instead these newcomers to our Respected Republican Stature have chosen to overrun our ideals and instill a new platform consisting of drug abuse, higher cost insurances and a debasing of family values. No longer will hard work and dedication be the stronghold of the Republican Party. Instead these children wish to bring self-entitlement and disregard for the rights-of-others to the forefront of the Republican Culture..."

She must be getting his information from CNN. lol
My lady, if we are here is because we feel betrayed by the republican and democrat establihsment and had to take control for ourselves. If you had done what you were supposed to do you wouldn't see a shadow from one of us.

That lady doesn't have the mental toughness for politics

Perhaps she should stick to activities that won't hurt her feelings, like knitting, or if she is feeling really brave and in the mood for controversy, sitting on the couch watching American Idol.

I have zero sympathy for these people. Fight with us or get out of the way. Defending the establishment despots at this point is unacceptable.

I read it as astroturf.

If it really was an attendee she'd have seen the Paul people being scrupulous but insistent about following the rules while the GOP establishment tried unsuccessfully to shaft us (with things like miscounting voice votes) and the Romney partisans tried dirty tricks.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.