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Can someone answer a question for me, Re: Delegates?

Like many others, I've been following the rolling delegate totals frmo various sources. However, I tend to trust Mises the most.


But if you look at their projected totals, why are some states highlighted pink (denoting a relatively high level of confidence in the projection) when the state conventions have yet to take place?

For example, Kansas. A high level of confidence, but did we really not take ANY delegates at any of the district or state conventions? And the source for these numbers? http://www.thegreenpapers.com, which only reports PROJECTED delegate totals based on the primary/caucus results.

Is this simply an oversight?

Also, why hasn't the MSM reported on Nevada's results in the same way they are reporting Maine's? Is this just bias, or are there actual schematic differences between the Maine and Nevada delegation that I'm unaware of?


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i heard

that there was a slate pushed for each candidate at the cds and that paul came very close to taking 2 cd's, i dont know which ones though. im trying to find an article myself because the primary results are extremely biased (in kansas you need a 20% threshold of the popular vote to get delegates and it just so happened that romney got 20%) i do believe that in tampa around 10 santorum supportes will go to paul and some will go to romney because theyl realize their wasting their vote if they dont vote for paul- the anti romney

I think the difference

between Maine and Nevada is Maine is unbound and NV is bound. Correct me if I am wrong though.