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Charlie singing a different tune

Charlie changing his viewpoint - at least to appear unbiased


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Quit being so gullible. He didn't "wake up" or "change his tune". He is in 100% protection mode. He knows he will never get elected to anything again fighting the Ron Paul crowd. He is just trying to sound un biased to protect his own a$$

This guy has shown his colors

He is a typicla lying cheating Romney style person. If we want OUR party to become what it should be, then all those like Charlie who would lie and cheat to win need to be removed. Let Obama have them for all I care.

There is no redemption for this guy, he has shown his true colors already. Anything that comes out of his mouth I will consider a lie.

WOW! I can not BELIEVE how

WOW! I can not BELIEVE how sensible and non-biased and reasonable and supportive this guy suddenly became. He is corrupt..but what if he has awakened? What if he actually wants changes in this country? He seemed so darned sincere....


He blamed the delays on "the way the meeting was run". He did not say that it was HE who caused those delays with the way he ran the meeting. Sincere? I almost barfed listening to his twisted rhetoric and had to stop halfway through.

You surprise me, Crickett. Maybe your comment was meant to be sarcastic? Good ol' Charlie always "seems" so darned sincere. That's how he managed to keep his job after the last debacle when he refused to have ALL the votes counted.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox


He sees the wolves circling and being a good accommodating sheep is all he has left to save his a** but watch it just like Romney he is a liberal neo-con turncoat. He is just trying to survive the Ron Paul wave to fight another day because he knows like in 2008 many will come but many will go once the dust settles. It would be best if we maneuvered to either remove him or keep him close for now and begin work to quarantine his influence.

If you don't crush your enemy totally they will seek revenge. - Sun Tzu

I must say he serves quite a purpose

I have gotten more laughs reading about this hack of hacks than all the jokes in the world combined.

Every Vote Counts

"You know, 4 votes. 4 votes was the difference between the Ron Paul folks running the convention and the Romney people. That's why every vote counts."

Wow Webster - You didn't say this when you declared Romney the winner with ONLY 84% OF THE VOTE COUNT!


he wants to keep his job.

The reason

good people quit local politics is they can't stand dealing with people like Charlie. Leave him in place, and you will have a very hard time growing the party after 2012.


Do not trust this man. He is still a Romney guy all the way and trying to stay in power to mess things up by Tampa.



I will never trust this person. Ever.

The epitome...

of a guise of neutrality/fairness
cloaking the 'professional' corruption that lies in his heart.
We all WITNESSED the real Charlie.
All this bs about blue collars, plumbers and Christians
is utter hogwash.
Goodbye Charlie.
Good riddance.

Broader discussion of Webster's future here:


"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Did you notice that....

...fork in his tongue?

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."