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TN Drug Testing Bill - Poll

We've got a bill coming up in TN requiring certain welfare recipients to take a drug test to get their benefits if they fail a psych screen.

Here's a link to the story and a poll that currently is favoring this bill. Maybe some liberty-minded folks would care to light it up?


This bill failed in Florida when it was argued that everyone recieving state money should be drug tested, including the legislators.

Welfare is not ideal, but creating a bureaucracy to "support" it is even less than ideal.

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Rules #11 petition on change.org

Chairman Reince Priebus violated RNC Rule 11 when he declared Romney the "presumptive nominee" and shattered it entirely when he said, "It's beyond an endorsement. It is a complete merger wherein the RNC is putting all of its resources and energy behind Mitt Romney to be the next president of the United States."

If the RNC does not abide by ITS OWN RULES regarding nominee selection, in what way is this election not a complete farce? We've all seen the anti-Paul bias first hand, but now to disobey their own rules? By the CHAIRMAN? If Paul "has no chance", what do they fear? If Romney IS "presumptive" why hasn't HE spoken up about this disgraceful breach of rules, which at best will hand him a nomination that is completely dishonest and subject him to ridicule by the Democrats?

Register YOUR protest using the Change.org petition at http://tinyurl.com/RNCRule11

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I'm from Ohio, living in

I'm from Ohio, living in Tennessee...one thing I have noticed about the way bills are passed here...is someone just passes it, in this case Haslam...in Ohio...it is usually put on the ballot and the people have a say whether it is passed or not...

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

brother, ain't that the truth

And when it does go to a referendum, like in Knox county, our choices to pay for a new library we didn't need were property tax hike or wheel tax. Choose. Complaints? You voted for it democratically!

In this case, well-meaning law and order neocon types are pushing this drug bill. Notice Haslam is vetoing a bill saying that groups on campus have a right to determine their own membership. Suddenly he's busting out citing the Constitution. Humph! Where was the Constitution when Gibson Guitars was being raided by the jackboots?