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Sarah Palin still hasn't endorsed Romney

From Yahoo News via abcnews.com 4/2/2012

"...'Anybody but Obama,' Palin said when asked if she'd be happy about Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee.'I honestly believe that anybody running on a GOP ticket would be infinitely better than what we have today, with these failed socialist policies.'..."


From Politico 4/29/2012

Ron Paul's Alaska payback


Despite a disappointing third place finish in the March 6 Alaska caucuses, Ron Paul is looking like a winner there: A Paul supporter was voted in as the new GOP chairman Saturday at the state convention.

It's more evidence of the political maturation of the Paul forces, who are beginning to seize the levers of powers from within state parties.


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she doesn't like romney. I bet she doesn't want to do what she did for mccain during the 2008 election. She was the reason that conservatives rallied for mccain. Before she showed up at the convention, everyone was depressed. Well, let's see what happens.

She's waiting...

until it is final, I would say. She has always recognized Ron Paul as a legitimae candidate. I was really surprised when her husband endorsed Gingrich because the Palin's both have strong libertarian tendencies. Sarah is also a reformer and she likes Paul's domestic policies; but, she can't get past her neocon foreign policy beliefs. However, she has said she would support Paul if he got the nomination.