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Accurate description of current political environment and Ron Paul movement

I'm a 29 year old. I'm mostly libertarian and definitely a supporter of Ron Paul. I've been visiting dailypaul.com for sometime and haven't contributed to the forums until now.

What prompted me to contribute? I'm reading "Capitalism" by Ayn Rand and the following quote from the book jumped off the page at me. It's amazing how accurate the following describes the current political environment and at the end of the section, how accurate it describes the person and movement of Ron Paul.

I look forward to your reactions...

From Ayn Rand's "Capitalism", specifically, the essay "The New Fascism: Rule by Consensus"

A mixed economy is a mixture of freedom and controls--with no principles, rules, or theories to define either. Since the introduction of controls necessitates and leads to further controls, it is an unstable, explosive mixture which, ultimately, has to repeal the controls or collapse into dictatorship. A mixed economy has no principles to define its policies, its goals, its laws--no principles to limit the power of its government. The only principle of a mixed economy--which, necessarily, has to remain unnamed and unacknowledged--is that no one's interests are safe, everyone's interests are on a public auction block, and anything goes for anyone who can get away with it. Such a system--or, more precisely, anti-system--breaks up a country into an ever-growing number of enemy camps, into economic groups fighting one another for self-preservation in an indeterminate mixture of defense and offense, as the nature of such a jungle demands. While, politically, a mixed economy preserves the semblance of an organized society with a semblance of law and order, economically it is the equivalent of the chaos that ruled China for centuries: a chaos of robber gangs looting—and draining—the productive elements of the country.

A mixed economy is rule by pressure groups. It is an amoral, institutionalized civil war of special interests and lobbies, all fighting to seize a momentary control of the legislative machinery, to extort some special privilege at one another’s expense by an act of government—i.e., by force. In the absence of individual rights, in the absence of any moral or legal principles, a mixed economy’s only hope to preserve its precarious semblance of order, to restrain the savage, desperately rapacious groups it itself has created, and to prevent the legalized plunder from running over into plain, unlegalized looting of all by all—is compromise; compromise on everything and in every realm—material, spiritual, intellectual—so that no group would step over the line by demanding too much and topple the whole rotted structure. If the game is to continue, nothing can be permitted to remain firm, solid, absolute, untouchable; everything (and everyone) has to be fluid, flexible, indeterminate, approximate. By what standard are anyone’s actions to be guided? By the expediency of any immediate moment.

The only danger, to a mixed economy, is any not-to-be-compromised value, virtue or idea. The only threat is any uncompromising person, group, or movement. The only enemy is integrity.


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big bump. You definately contributed more with your first post than I did with mine!

A great read

This book will be mandatory reading for my kids as they get older :)

I'm not an Ayn Rand apologist, but her writings on the political economy are excellent. And like any of her material, it forces you to think. What an odd concept!

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