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MSNBC: Chuck Todd discussing Ron Paul delegate strategy

Chuck Todd attempting to explain why Ron Paul is still in the race and what we are hoping to gain by continuing to supporting him. They either still do not get it or they do, and are trying again to marginalize our efforts.

This should serve to motivate us to march on with a stronger resolve to WIN.


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Ron Paul is 76

He is not 77. Chuck Todd is a liar.



I really think..

they believe what they are saying. He keeps repeating that Romney will get the nomination; nothing can be done about that. I guess they think if they say it enough times that will make it true.

BTW, I can't stand Chuck Todd. He is an Obama butt kisser.


Chuck Todd is a douche-nozzle!!! I cannot stand to hear him talk, he is so...well...told what to say, and it is obvious.

MSM Memo(Marked Urgent): If saying anything about Paul make sure you say 3 negatives to every positive. We think the sheeple are actually looking into things, GOD help us if that is true. Stand strong my fellow Socialists, we will control them!!!

Illuminaughty Memo to MSM: MSM, BITE ME!!! (end of memo)

Sorry fellow DP'rs, I have to unload sometimes!!

President Paul or the Nation will FALL!!!

Tyranny's best friend is Liberty not served.