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AP: "Don't tell Paul's supporters the primary is over"

WASHINGTON — Don't tell Ron Paul the Republican primary is over. He's too busy mucking up Mitt Romney's efforts to accumulate enough convention delegates to officially claim the GOP nomination for president.

Paul's supporters won control of state GOP conventions in Maine and Nevada last weekend, stripping Romney of delegates in Maine but graciously letting him keep the ones he won in Nevada's February caucuses. Next up: Republican state conventions in Minnesota, Missouri, Louisiana and Iowa.

"I don't think they'll be able to ignore us completely," said Kevin Erickson, a pastor from northeastern Minnesota who rescheduled a surgery to qualify as a national convention delegate for Paul.

The father of five supports his family on a single income but said he's budgeted about $6,000 to attend the GOP's August convention in Tampa, Fla. A lifelong Republican, Erickson said he's working hard for a platform that denounces what he sees as a weakening of due process when it comes to detentions authorized by the USA Patriot Act. He expects to have plenty of company.

Paul won't threaten Romney's hold on the GOP

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Its too late baby, its too late.

"I hope they're smart," Stebbins said of the Romney campaign. "Those margins, Romney versus Obama, are so thin that I hope they don't shove an entire constituency out of the party that they will need in November." Article quote. Its too late to expect us to support Romney, if its not Ron Paul its none at all. Good luck winning with out us.


Don't bother reading this.

Same old warmed over rhetoric. "looking for a speaking role at the national convention", "no way he can win"....blah, blah, blah.

Thanks, I Won't, Then

However, it's great, because that means all the voters who have yet to vote are getting the message that Ron Paul is still in the race, and the protest vote is for Ron Paul, and the dismissive way they speak also is discounting voters who have yet to vote ("we don't care who you want").

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