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Now they're trying to take away our delegates!

I just saw on the front page of the Portland Press Herald that the powers that be are making an effort to take away the delegates that we acquired in Maine. They are making the claim that we performed the convention illegally. After all of the low down dirty tricks I personally witnessed at the convention from the Romney campaign I can't believe that they are going this route. (Of course I can). There has to be something that can be done to stop these people. They were disgustingly underhanded and are now pissed that we beat them at their own game. Just wanted to give a heads up on what's going on here in Maine right now. I can't understand how anything we did could be deemed illegal when back in February Charlie omitted an entire county's votes!!!

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I think we should sue and demand the party replace

the leadership for illegally giving support to mittens while another candidate is still in the race.
We should get on record in the media against them.
Layout the case that they are violating there own rules and are thieves and liars that complain when we are beating them fair and square with in the rules.

Let them make a stink

It will get media attention and make them look pathetic and desperate. I am already surprised any of this is in the media. Let them keep it there !
Besides are they going to say there was cheating in every state we gained delegates? I think they will look like they doth protest too much and the people need to be reminded of why we have a delegate process in the first place. To counteract voter fraud and because over time in the process people learn more about the candidates and the early states may have a change of heart. No matter what people think it is a good process. it keeps the ignorant from having majority rule and gives the people a longer time to get to know the candidates. This is revealing not just more about Paul and Romney, but the GOP ! Love it !
People are getting educated. Even the media is getting educated and exposed. Take a deep breath. This is beautiful!

Hit this pencil dick

where it hurts. Colin Woodard's amazon page for his book sales. If the little prick wants to write garbage then he get's to meet the free market of ideas. http://www.amazon.com/Colin-Woodard/e/B001IGHMWO

Also his blog page. http://www.colinwoodard.com/

Actually Don't

Now I think about it. Leave him be. If the man took the time to make it seem like Ron Paul people are being cheaters then that's on him.


The article was fairly unbiased...

He's just reporting about Romney's complainants, unfounded as they might be.

I don't see any reason to shoot the messenger.

Do you honestly believe

yourself. If you have to use the word "fairly" with unbiased you're blowing smoke up someones ass. And it's not mine. Him covering the story as if we have done something wrong is telling. Why couldn't the article have taken a different tone. I'm tired of the smear attempts that qualify as objective journalism.


After doing some research,

After doing some research, they broke the 'Romney was promised a win rule' because he bowed out in 2008.

Have a good look

at these people.
Today they are the ones trying to take away our delegates.

In a few years, they will be the ones trying to take our lives.

Make no mistake about it, those are the people who are going to lead the charge of tyranny and destruction. They are on the other side. The side of evil.

I think they have already set

I am not sure we have a few years. They have already set up the framework to do it...Patriot Act, NDAA, EO to assasinate American Citizens, plus still in committee H.R. 3166: The Enemy Expatriation Act. A bill that can take away natural born citizenship so they wont even have consider rights guaranteed by the constitution... http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/112/hr3166

Their time is limited,

and the tyrants would do well to open their history books and turn to the morning of April 29, 1945, Milan, Italy.

The delegate count at state conventions

can only be a reflection of the caucus/primary vote. If Ron Paul didn't win in the first place he wouldn't win the majority of delegates going to Tampa.

If Paul delegates really broke state rules they should have them listed in the story. If not this is just disinformation meant to try and scare delegate heading to Tampa. Does make you wonder should I go if I am just going to be locked out? Don't fall for it.

Maybe this would be a good opportunity to fire a letter off to the Editor. Letter could explain no rules were broken and the article was just venting from the losing establishment.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

Link? Picture? Text of the

Link? Picture? Text of the article?

NM.... I Googled it

Sorry about that, and thanks

Sorry about that, and thanks for putting up the link. I saw it at the store and I'm working so I only get a few minutes here and there to post.

Make sure

this doesn't end up before a hand-picked judge. And publicize what happened there with all your might. I rmember what happened to Buchanan in 2000...those judges didn't care a bit about the facts.

No worries, even Charlie

No worries, this is just the typical scare tactic, even Charlie Webster stated that he was not aware of any rules that were broken at his convention.

Charlie Webster was also not

Charlie Webster was also not aware of any rules being broken at his Caucus, despite videos to the contrary...

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I need to elaborate, his

I need to elaborate, his statement was made in regards to claims from the Romney campaign claiming that Ron People broke the convention rules.