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Michael Savage - Israel Does NOT Come First! America Does! - April 11, 2012


Savage changing his tone...for now

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Did he have a stroke?


Did I have a stroke?


Sounds more like an increase in blood flow to his brain

as opposed to a blockage

Huh? Why?

What's going on? I never thought I'd ever hear Savage tell the truth about Israel! He did slip in there that he would vote for Romney but, then later said he (Savage) is not a neocon. I'm befuddled. Can anyone enlighten me as to what in the world is going on and what is Savage really saying? What I understood is get the monkey off our backs and support Romney. Yes? No? Anybody?

I'm still in a state of shock.

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Amazing. Hasn't he always

Amazing. Hasn't he always been an Israel first, Jewish Russian?

I'm not believing this, and wonder how long these constant political charades and farces are going to go.

Edit: I just looked up his name. I just found out he has a degree in ethnobotony and anthropology - ie what a lot of people have taken who want to study pychotropic drug use. I was also disappointed to learn that Savage isn't even his real name.


*1 During this time Weiner also worked for famous psychedelic drug advocate Timothy Leary as keeper of the stone gatehouse on Leary's Millbrook estate. Leary hired him to the post because Weiner did not use LSD himself.[1]


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Tomorrow he'll probably be

Tomorrow he'll probably be saying Ron is an anti-semite. Doesn't Weiner work for or at one time worked for Bain aka Romney? I laughed when he claimed he wasn't a neocon at the end, but that's who Weiner is. He likes to act impartial and hip one day. The next he's Hannibal Lector wanting to slit the throats of everyone who may be a Muslim.

I used to listen to Savage,

until I heard him bashing Dr. Paul as a kook and nut-case. Won't tune him in anymore.

If by chance you guys haven't noticed.. there has been a

concerted shift to RP here recently by the neocon and liberal media..

It works to our advantage no matter what they try but it's still not to be trusted.. do NOT be a reed in the wind kind of sucker.

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Bump for the message not the flip flopping messenger

Noe that he still hopes people vote for romney (i.e. the tail keeps waving the dog). they are all going to start returning to sensible sounding rhetoric once they feel israel has this election firmly in hand.

Truth about Israel

Refreshing to hear this...thanks for posting it.